All original and replacement parts for your Kymco BA 30 AA AU -People 150 30150 2005.

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All original and replacement parts for your Kymco.

Take a look at our all our parts for the Kymco BA 30 AA AU -People 150 30150 2005. In addition to the original Kymco parts, PartsRepublik has also selected the best maintenance parts for your Kymco BA 30 AA AU -People 150 30150 2005. Please note, the image of the model may be wrong. Please let us know if this is the case. All of the items below will fit on the Kymco BA 30 AA AU -People 150 30150 2005.

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F03 - Handle Steering/ Handle Cover kymco 11382KHB4900 clamp, brake cable 17910GFY6901 cable comp, throt 3515AKFA6M00 sw assy, rh hndl comp 35201KGBG910 fr case lh hndl comp sw 35202KGBG900 rr case, lh hndl comp sw 3520AKGBGE00 sw assy, lh hndl comp 35340KKJ9010 sw assy, fr stop 43450KHB4900 cable comp, rr brk 434721A61001 spg rr brk arm 45517GFY6900 holder, hndl brkt 53100KHB4900 handle comp, strg 53105KFC8900 end r strg handle chrome 53106KFC8900 end l strg handle 53125GEN5901 collar handle set 53140KNBN960N1R grip comp throt (black) 53166KNBN911N1R grip, handle l (black) 53172KTCT900 brkt handle l 53178KXCXE00M3A lever, l strg hndl 5317BKFA6E00 brkt assy hndl lh 53204KFA6900 cover, head light 53205KFA6E00N1P cover, fr handle (black) 53205KFA6E00Y1P cover, fr hndl (paddy yellow) 53205KFA6E00R7P cover, fr handle (dark red) 53205KFA6E00R7P cover, fr handle (dark red) 53205KFA6E00N8P cover, fr handle (silver) 53205KFA6E00BHP cover fr handle 53206KFA6900Y1R cover rr handle-ivory 53206KFA6900N1R cover, rr handle (black) 53206KFA6900BGR cover rr handle 88110KFA6900 mirror assy, r back 88120KFA6900 mirror assy, l back 90106GEN5901 bolt flange (m10x50) (gold) 90106KFC2900 bolt, special 8mm 90115GLE0001 bolt, hndl lever pivot 90302KNBN900 bolt, pan 5*10 90304GHE8004 nut, u 10mm 90651LKG7E00 clip wire harn 93500KGBG900 screw, tapping m5*25l 938910503006 screw washer 5*30 9390334360 screw tapping (m04x12) (black) 9390335360 screw tapping (m05x16) 94001050800S nut 9501532001 joint b 9501542000 **dead ->95015kn60000m1 960010601206 bolt flange (m06x12) (black) 960010602506 bolt, flange 6*25
F06 - Stem Steering/ Front Cushion kymco 454514A71001 grommet wire 503061F96001 nut strg stem lock 5140AKHB4E00NJA fork set r fr-espresso 5150AKHB4E00NJA fork set, l fr (silver) 53200KFA6900 stem comp strg **9000 53211GFY6940 race, strg top cone 532122L50011 race, strg bot cone 53214LHJ6900 dust seal strg 532152L50001 washer, strg hdl dust seal 61100KFA6900N1P fender, fr (black) 61100KFA6900Y1P fender, fr (paddy yellow) 61100KFA6900R7P fender, front (dark red) 61100KFA6900N8P fender, fr (bright silver) 61100KFA6900BHP fender fr 90302GFY6940 bolt, washer 5*16 958010804006 bolt, flange 8*40 9621105000 ball, steel 9621108000 ball, steel #8
F21 - Separated Forks Front Fork kymco 51401KFA6E00 spring 51410KFA6900 fork pipe comp 51412KFA6E00 rebound spring 51420KHB4900 bottom case r 51429KFA6900 pipe, seat comp 51430KFA6900 boot fr fork 51432KFA6910 oil lock piece 51520KHB4900 bottom case, l 901163C8372A bolt 905542C83001 packing 906013D54001 ring, oil seal stopper 91254KEC5004 dust seal 912554F46014 oil seal 94605KEBE900 fork bolt 9460830000 o-ring
F02 - Speedometer kymco 34908GGA770A bulb wedge base 12v*3.4w 34908MKB987A bulb wedge base t10 37200KHB5F2A meter assy, speed 37200KHB5F2B meter assy speed 37211KHB490A lens assy 37211KHB490B lens assy 37213KFA690A packing (lcd) 37213KFA690B packing (lcd) 37280KFA6900 lcd assy (lock) 38300KECE900 relay assy winker 383062B92C11 suspension winker relay 44830KFA6900 cable comp, spdmt 44831KFA6900 cable inner 9390335360 screw tapping (m05x16)
F05 - Front Cover/ Floor Panel kymco 50330KEBE900 seal, battery fr 64301KFA6900BHP cover front 64301KFA6900D0C cover, front (bright silver) 64301KFA6900DDF cover, fr (dark red) 64301KFA6900DK9 cover, fr (paddy yellow) 64301KFA6900N1P cover, fr (black) 64302KFA6900N1P mold, front (black) 64302KFA6900Y1P mold, front (paddy yellow) 64302KFA6900R7M mold, front (dark red) 64302KFA6900N8P mold, front (bright silver) 64302KFA6900BHP mold front 64303KFA6900F1P grill front cover 64310KFA6900Y1R floor panel (paddy yellow) 64310KFA6900N1R floor panel (black) 64310KFA6900BGR floor panel 64320KFA6900N1R matt, floor (black) 64320KFA6900E3R mat, floor (brown) 755816C73001 set spg, lock key 77232GLW0315M2 lock set, fuel lid 81131KFA6900Y1R leg shield (paddy yellow) 81131KFA6900N1R leg shield (black) 81131KFA6900BGR leg shield 81132KFA6900BGR lid leg shield 81132KFA6900N1R lid, leg shield 81132KFA6900Y1R lid leg shield 81133KGBG900 stopper, luggage 81134KFA6900 hook, luggage 81135KGBG900 stay, luggage hook 81141KFA6900BGR lid inner box 81141KFA6900N1R lid, inner box (black) 81141KFA6900Y1R lid, inner box (paddy yellow) 81142KFA6900 stay, lid inner box 81146GBN2001 seal, rubber a 90110GLW0001 screw, special 6*14 90164KGBG900 screw special 6mm 903016D34671 nut m06 90302GFY6901 bolt, washer 5*12 90302GBR2001 bolt, washer 5*16 90302SDA4004 nut spring m04 90677GAR1004 nut, clip 5mm 88130KEBE900 bolt special 9390334360 screw tapping (m04x12) (black) 9459127000 clip, 2*70
F20 - Frame Body kymco 11346KEBE900 band, l cover duct 17215KNBN200 clip assy, air/c duct 19410KHB4900 duct cooling 50100KHB4E00 body comp frame 50301KGN7671 race, up strg ball 503022H68011 race, strg bot ball 50350KHB4901 eng hanger comp 50352GFY6901 rubber stopper 50353GBG2711 bush swing lock 50700KFA6900 bar assy, r rear step 50701KFA6900 bar r rear step 50702KFA6900 stay r pillion step 50710KFA6900 bar assy, l rear step 50711KFA6900 bar, l rear step 50712KFA6900 stay l pillion step 50713KEB7900 spring 50715KFA6900 pin rear step 64315KHB4900 stay, fr cover 64400KFA6900BHP cowl under 64400KFA6900N8P cowl, under (bright silver) 64400KFA6900R7M cowl, under (dark red) 64400KFA6900Y1P cowl, under (paddy yellow) 64400KFA6900N1P cowl, under (black) 90107KUDU900 bolt, flange 10*188 90110GLW0001 screw, special 6*14 90121GFY6901 collar, distance 90304GHE8004 nut, u 10mm 934040601206 bolt, washer 6*12 (g) 9411106000 washer 957010604506 bolt flange (m06x45) (black) 958011005506 bolt, flange 10*55 9621108000 ball, steel #8
F16 - Rear Cushion kymco 11203GGC7301 under rubber bush, rr cush 11230KFBF900 rubber bush, rr fork 52000KHB4900 fork assy rr 52400KHB4E00F1S cushion assy, rr 91051KFBF901 brg, ball radial 6203llu 91259KFBF900 seal, oil 958010803506 bolt, flange 8*35 958011003506 bolt, flange 10*35
F14 - Exhaust Muffler kymco 18291KEBE900 collar 18291LBD4900 gasket exh pipe 18292KEBE900 packing protector 18293KEBE900 rubber, pkg protr 18294KEBE900 packing protector 1830AKHB4E00 muffler assy, exh 18318KFA3E00 protector, muffler 90110KFA6900 screw, special 6*18 90301GFY6901 nut m08 958010805006 bolt, flange 8*50
F10 - Fuel Tank kymco 16950KHB4900 auto cock assy, fuel 16951KHB4900 cover, fuel auto-cock 17510KHB4E00 tank comp, fuel 17510KHB4E01 tank comp, fuel 17530KHB4900 tube assy, fuel drain 17550KFA6900 tray, fuel cap 1762AKFA6900 cap assy fuel filler 17685KZCZ900 joint tube 19505GFY6940 clamp a, water hose 37801GGA7701 packing base 37801LAB4910 packing base 37802KHB4900 ret fuel unit **9000 3780AKHB4900 fuel unit assy *round* 3780AKHB4910 fuel unit assy *square* 38773PKB9001 joint 3 way 3.5 3877APKB9001 joint assy, 3 way 901111G87001 bolt, flange 6mm 90302GBR2001 bolt, washer 5*16 90302GBR2001 bolt, washer 5*16 90302GFY6901 bolt, washer 5*12 9500202070 clip b7 tube 9500202080 clip 9500BKHB4900 tube assy, vacuum 9500CKHB4900 tube assy, fuel
F12 - Body Cover/ Luggage Box kymco 77106KEB7900 hook, helmet 77202KHB4900 hinge, seat 80151KHB4900N1R cover, center 80152KHB4900N1P cover, maint plug 80152KHB4900Y1P cover, maint plug 80152KHB4900R7M cover, maint plug 80152KHB4900N8P cover, maint plug 80152KHB4900BHP cover maint olug /orange 81200KHB4900N8P grip, rear 81201KHB4900 brkt comp, rr carrier 81257KHB4900 cover assy, carb maint 81260KHB4E00N1R box assy, luggage 81300KHB4900N8P carrier, luggage (silver) 83500KHB4900N1P cover, r body (black) 83500KHB4900Y1P cover, r body (paddy yellow) 83500KHB4900R7M cover, r body (dark red) 83500KHB4900N8P cover, r body (bright silver) 83500KHB4900BHP cover r body **bam c.p.n. 83501KHB4900 ending, r body cover 83502KHB4900N1P lid, body cover (black) 83502KHB4900Y1P lid, body cover (paddy yellow) 83502KHB4900R7M lid, body cover (dark red) 83502KHB4900N8P lid,body cover (bright silver) 83502KHB4900BHP lid body cover 83600KHB4900N1P cover, l body (black) 83600KHB4900Y1P cover, l body (paddy yellow) 83600KHB4900R7M cover, l body (dark red) 83600KHB4900N8P cover, l body (bright silver) 83600KHB4900BHP cover l body /orange 83601KHB4900 ending, l body cover 90105GGS7001 pin, hinge 90105KHB4900 bolt, wash 8*60 90106KFC2900 bolt, special 8mm 90111KFW6001 bolt, flange 6mm 90215GLM0910 nut, cap 6mm 90302KED5900 bolt, pan 5*11 90302SDA4004 nut spring m04 90381GEZ5001 screw, special 6*17 9390334360 screw tapping (m04x12) (black) 9390334460 screw, tapping 4*16 9405006080 nut m06 9459127000 clip, 2*70 957010601606 bolt, flange 6*16 (k) 957010602006 bolt, flange 6*20
F18 - Rear Light/ Rear Fender kymco 33701KHB4E00 light assy, tail 33703KHB4E00 lens tail light **e000 33706KHB4E01 cover license 33709KBAB003 packing license 33720KHB4E00 light assy, license 33721KHB4E00 light comp license **e000 33722KHB4E00 base license 33725KHB4E00 lens license 33726KHB4E00 socket comp 33741GFY6C30 reflex reflector 33741KEBE900 reflex reflector 34903KPCP900 bulb wb 12v 5.0w (t10) 34906KPCP900 bulb tail & stop 80101KHB4E00 fender a, rr 80102KHB4800 plate, splash board 80102KHB4901 plate, splash board 80105KHB4900N1R fender, rear 903016D34671 nut m06 90302GBR2001 bolt, washer 5*16 90302GFY6901 bolt, washer 5*12 91508KGV767A screw, tapping 4*14 9390334360 screw tapping (m04x12) (black) 9405005080 nut m05 9405006080 nut m06
F22 - Caution Label kymco 81218KCACP00T01 caution, inner box 87505KHB4E00T01 label tire 87541GAR1E00T01 caution side stand 87542GAR1E00T01 mark maint caution 87560GFY6E00T01 mark, drive caution
F23 - Emblem Stripe kymco 86030KFA6E00T01 emb, handle cover rr 86102KFA6E00T01 emb, k-logo 30mm
F07 - Front Wheel kymco 42753KNBN90B valve rim 44301KHB4900 axle, fr wheel 44311KHB4900 collar fr wheel side 44600KFA6305N5A wheel set, fr (silver) 446204L00001 collar fr dist 446804L10001 retainer gear box 44710KHB490A tire assy fr 80/80-16 45p 44800KFA6900 gear box assy, spdmt 45105KFA6305 pad assy (a+b) 45121KFA6900 disk, fr brake 45200KFA6900NJA caliper assy, fr 90105KCR3001 bolt, fr disk 8*24 90122KEBE900 bolt, flange 8*32 90306GLW090A nut, flange 12mm 912520L3000A oil seal, wheel 23*37*7 912520L3000B oil seal wheel 23*37*7 912584L1000B dust seal, 40*50*5 961206301010 bearing, ball radial 6301
F08 - Rear Wheel kymco 42311KHB4900 collar rr axle 42312KHB4900 collar rr axle side 42601KFA6900N5A wheel comp, rr cast 42710KHB490A tire assy rr 100/80-16 56p 42753KNBN90B valve rim 4312AKUDU900 shoe assy, rr brake 43141KED1900 cam, rr brake 43151KGM7961 spring brake shoe rear 43410KHB4900 arm rr brake 90305KFW6900 nut, u flange 16mm (b) 91352KHG883B o-ring, 11.3*1.3 957010603206 bolt, flange 6*32
F11 - Battery kymco 31500GFY694A battery ytx7a-bs 50325KHB4900 stay battery case 50326KEBE900 case battery 5032AKHB4900 cover battery 90023GBN2001 bolt, seat lock 6*13.5 (b) 90101KNBN901 screw, special 5*10 938910501206 screw, washer 5*12 9405006080 nut m06 957010601206 bolt, flange 6*12 9820010700 fuse a7
F19 - Wire Harness kymco 30400KHB4900 unit assy, cdi 3051AKHB4900 coil assy, ign 30700GFY6901 cap assy, noise suppresor 31600KUDU900 reg rec comp 32100KHB5F20 harness, wire 321201E55001 case 7a fuse 32411KHB4900 cable bat 35010KFA6E0A key set 35010KFA6E0B key set 35101KFA6305M1 sw set comb & lock 35101KFA6305M2 sw comb &lock 35102KGBG91A collar, main sw 35102KGBG91B collar, main sw 35400KHB4900 resistor comp 35850KHB490A set start mag 35850KHB490B set start mag 38110KHB4E0A horn comp 38110KHB4E0B horn comp 38110KHB4E0B horn comp 90112KRDR900 bolt, flange 5*22 9405006080 nut m06 9405008080 flange nut 8mm 95701KEB7E00 bolt, torque 6*16 9820010700 fuse a7 9820011500 fuse a
F04 - Brake Master Cylinder kymco 35340KFA6900 sw assy, fr stop 45126KFA6900 hose assy fr brk 45513KFA6900 cap m/c 45517KFAF910 holder master clyinder 45530KFA6305 cyln set, master 53175KFA6E00M3A lever, r strg handle 901141F66007 bolt, handle lever 90145LEA3E00 oil bolt 10*22 905453L00001 washer thrust (1.44x10.00x15.09) 93600040121G screw flat (m04x12) (black) 9405006060 nut m06 960010602206 bolt flange (m06x22) (black)
F01 - Head Light kymco 33100KFA6E20 light assy, head-esp/pronto 33105KFA6900 plate adjust (lh) 33107KFA6900 cover rubber 33120KKD6E20 unit head light 33130KFA6900 socket comp 33155KFA6900 plate adjust (rh) 34901KFA6900 bulb, head light 34903KPCP900 bulb wb 12v 5.0w (t10) 90101GAR1001 bolt, adjust 901504C6377A screw, pan 5*10 90307GFJ6004 washer, lock 6mm 9390335260 screw tapping (m05x12)
F17 - Winker kymco 33400KFA6E10 winker assy r fr 33402KFA6E10 lens r fr winker **e100 33405KKD7E00 inner lens, fr winker 33410KFA6E10 base comp r fr winker 33420KFA6E10 base comp l fr winker 33450KFA6E10 winker assy l fr 33452KFA6E10 lens l fr winker **e100 33600KHB4E10 light assy r rr winker 33602KKD6E00 lens r rr winker 33607KGB5900 inner lens rr winker 33650KHB4E10 winker assy, l rr 33652KKD6E00 lens l rr winker 34905KPCP900 bulb winker 9390132010 screw, tapping 3*6 9390132220 screw, tapping 3*10 9390132320 screw, tapping 3*12 9390334360 screw tapping (m04x12) (black)
E01 - Crankcase kymco 11100KFB7305 crankcase set r 111021G87004 rub bush, eng hanger 11192KUDU980 gasket, crankcase @a 11200KHB5305 crank case set, l 11203GGC7301 under rubber bush, rr cush 11341KHB4900N8A cover, l (bright silver) 11381KHB4900 clamper, throttle cable 11383KUDU900 clamper, brth drain tube 11395KHB4900 gasket, l cover @ a 28223KNBN901 spg kick driven gear 28230KNBN901 kick driven gear comp 28250KNBN901 spindle comp kick starter 28253GBN260A bush kick spindle 28255GFS6001 collar kick boss 28281GBN260A spring, kick return 9000AKTDT900 bolt assy, special 6*29.5 90032LAB4900 bolt b stud 8*203.5 90032KHD6900 bolt b stud m8x208.5 (c) 904123K29001 washer, thrust 10mm 90451GBN2601 washer, kick spindle 904743C33001 washer, 8mm 9052AGFY6950 bolt assy, drain plug 91104KGN7671 brg, ball radial 6204 91202GFY690A oil seal, 19.8*30*5 91202GFY690C oil seal 19.8*30*5 91202KKJ9004 oil seal, 20*32*6 9430110160 pin dowel 10x16 9451114000 circlip, ex 14 957010801206 bolt, flange 8*12 960010601206 bolt flange (m06x12) (black) 960010604506 bolt, flange 6*45 960010605006 bolt, flange sh 6*50 961006202000 brg, ball radial 6202 961006303000 brg, ball radial 6303
E04 - Right Crankcase Cover kymco 11331KHB4900 cover, r crank case 11394KUDU980 gasket, r cover 12361GFY6901 hole cap, tappet adjusting 154211G07001 screen, oil filter 15426GAE1921 spg, oil filter screen 1565AKUDU900 gauge, oil level assy 32412KHB4900 cable earth 32961KUDU900 clamper acg cord 91202GFY690C oil seal 19.8*30*5 91202GFY690A oil seal, 19.8*30*5 913020A01021 o ring, 30.8mm 913070E35001 o ring, 18*3 9430110160 pin dowel 10x16 960010601206 bolt flange (m06x12) (black) 960010602806 bolt, flange 6*28 960010610006 bolt flange sh 6*100 960010611006 bolt, flange sh 6*110
E08 - Transmission kymco 11203KUDU900 pin, brake shoe anchor 21200KHB4305 case set mission 21395KHB4980 gasket mission case 23411KHB4900 shaft, drive 23420KHB4900 shaft comp counter 23431KHB4900 shaft final 23432KHB4900 gear final 90309KLF0004 nut, flange 8mm 91003KDS4004 brg, ball radial 6301tmb 91009GLE0004 brg, ball radial 6004 uu 91201KED1900 bush, mission 91255GLE0006 oil seal, 27*42*7 913010C53001 o ring, 7.5*1.5 9451020000 cir clip ex20 961006002000 brg, ball radial 6002
E02 - Cylinder Head Cover kymco 12200KFB7C00 head comp, cyln 12209GDB468B seal, valve stem 12211KUDU900 holder, cam shaft 12251KFBF900 gasket, cylinder head 12310KHB4E00 cover comp, head 12391GFY6941 gasket, head cover 14100KFA9220 shaft comp, cam 14431KUDU900 arm, valve rocker 14450GFY6901 shaft comp, in rocker arm 14452GFY6901 shaft, exh rocker arm 14711KFB7900 valve, inlet 14721KFB7900 valve, exhaust 14751KKJ9003 spring, valve outer 14761KKJ9003 spg, valve inner 14771GDB4680 retainer, valve spring 14775MFA6001 seat, valve spg outer 14781MFA6001 cotter, valve 16201GFY6910 gasket, carb insulator @ a 16211GFY6901 insulator carb 17110KUDU900 pipe comp, inlet 17256GFY6901 band, insulator 19625KUDU910 seal, shroud 900123C33001 screw, tappet 90033GFY6900 bolt, stud 8*32 902060A01001 nut, tappet adjg 90465MDC4001 washer, 8mm 91008HCB300B brg, ball radial tmb002 jr2c3 913010H28001 o-ring, 27*2 913050H28159 o-ring, 9*1.6 92900060600B bolt, stud 6*60 9405006080 nut m06 9405008080 flange nut 8mm 9430110160 pin dowel 10x16 957010602506 bolt, washer 6*25 957010603506 bolt, flange 6*35 957010605006 bolt, flange 6*50 960010610006 bolt flange sh 6*100 980565771R00 spark plug (cr7hsa)
E03 - Cylinder Piston kymco 12100KFB7C00 cylinder comp 12191KFBF980 gasket cylinder 12191KFBF980 gasket cylinder 13000KFB7900 crank shaft comp 13011KFBFE0A ring set, piston 13101KFB7900 piston 13111KKJ9001 piston pin 14401KUDU90C chain cam 14510KUDUC0B tensioner cam chain 14520GFY690C lifter assy.. tensioner 14523GFY6901 gasket, tensioner lifter @ a 14523KED9900 gasket tensioner lifter 14531GLR0001 pivot, cam chain tensioner 14610KUDUC0B guide comp cam chain 90001GBHB661 bolt flange (m06x22) (gold) 90005KAW1901 screw, pan 6*6 90701HFB6011 key, woodruff 25*14*4 91301GLR0005 o-ring, 15.2*1.5 913061E05691 o-ring 12 x 10 x 1, 4 9430110160 pin dowel 10x16 9460115000 piston pin clip
E07 - Fan Cover/ Generator kymco 11386GFY6900 clip, vacuum tube 19510GFY6901 fan comp cooling 1961AKUDUE10 cover assy, fan 19626KUDU900 seal shroud a 1962AKUDU900 shroud assy a 19632GFY6901 clip high tension cord 19633GFY6901 grommet shroud b 19636KUDUC00 seal shroud b 1963ALDF7E10 shroud assy b 31110KUDU90A flywheel comp (d402) 31110KUDU90B flywheel comp (d406) 31120KHB490A stator comp (d402) 31120KHB490B stator comp (d406) 705296G57671 grom b, side pnl 87541KUDUE00T01 label, oil cap 90305GHK8001 nut, clip 6mm 904401F66001 washer, plain 12mm 92101050120G bolt hex (m05x12) 9405012080 nut, flange 12mm 94591KFBF900 clip, 2*70 960010601606 bolt, flange sh 6*16 960010601806 bolt, flange sh 6*18 960010602006 bolt, flange 6*20 960010602506 bolt, flange 6*25
E06 - Starting Motor / Oil Pump kymco 15100KFB7900 pump assy, oil 15133GFY6901 sprkt, oil pump driven 15141GFY690B chain, oil pump 15141GFY690C chain oil pump 15711KUDU900 separater, oil 28101GFY6901 gear starter reduction 28102GFY6901 shaft starter reduction gear 28110GFY6901 gear comp, starting clutch 28120GFY6315 outer comp starting clutch 281254F26001 spring, roller starter clutch 28125GFY6960 flange starting clutch 28126KUDU900 cap starting roller spring 31210GFY620C motor unit, start 32410KUDU900 cable starter motor 90201GFY6901 nut, lock 22mm 90403KUDU900 washer, thrust 22.2*39*2.5 90701HFB6011 key, woodruff 25*14*4 911011K79711 roller, 10*10 91104GFY690CB brg, needle 28*32*17 91104GFY690CR brg needle 28*32*17 913094E25004 o-ring 24, 4 x 3, 1 93500030100F screw pan 3x10 (g) 938920400608 screw, washer 4*6 9405006080 nut m06 9430304065 pin dowel 4x6.5 960010601206 bolt flange (m06x12) (black) 960010601606 bolt, flange sh 6*16 960010602806 bolt, flange 6*28 9622060100 roller, 6*10 966000801016 socket bolt 8*10
E09 - Carburettor kymco 1001MA4H0351 slow jet 120A106H9901 diaphragm comp 1531428H6710 binder 16050GY69400 spg, comp r 16076ND50040 o-ring 16080KJ900313 screw, pan 16107KJ90030 top set 1610KKHB5E00 carburetor assy 16111GY69000 vacuum piston comp 16162KG89010M1 drain screw, pan 16163KCW0000 float champer gasket 16179KAB6700 binder 1703GJ2H0040 set plate 1738GJ2H0040 holder, cap 40001530000 auto bystarter set 93500040081H3 screw, pan 93500040141H3 screw, pan 938920400816 screw washer 4*8 9389204010183 screw, washer 4*10 938920501206 screw, washer 5*12 9500202070 clip b7 tube 9500202080 clip 991013931100 main jet, fr D13108530110 float comp K350GY60200 float chamber set K785KDU0200 tube set N41334B00 needle jet holder N4252KFRJ jet, needle comp S3620081 float valve set S4461210 screw set S5060052 valve plate set S5360143A000 screw set (s.s) S7860110B000 tube set (a.v) S7860112B000 tube set W12020019900 by-st body comp W13140149901 arm pin W14761389902 diaphragm cover W15612319900 wire, stay W1711B199900 spg compr W17871429900 o-ring W955426638 needle jet
F13 - Air Cleaner kymco 11211KHB4900 tube, breather 11221KHB4900 tube, breather mission 17214KHB4900 seal, air/c cover 17226KHB4900 element seal 17231KHB4900 cover, air/c 17236KFBF910 plate 17239KHB4900 tube, air/c blow by 1723AKHB4900 case assy, air/c 1723CKHB4900 air filter 17254KACAP00 plug, air/c conn tube 173594K19671 joint, breather tube 1736AGFY6900 tube, drain assy 173704K19701 plug, breather tube 173711D74671 clip, breather tube 90001GBHB681 bolt, flange shf 6*28 90652GFY6901 band 49, a/c conn tube 9390325460 screw tapping (m05x20) 9500202080 clip 9500202130 clip b, 12.5 tube 950032302460 v tube 8*12*240
E05 - Driven Pulley kymco 22101GFY6941 outer clutch 22102KUDU220 face drive 22105GFY6220 boss drive face 22110KUDU220 face comp movable drive 22111KUDU220 face moveable drive 22112GFY690A bush 24*28*30 22121KFBF305 roller set weight (1set:6pcs) 22131GFY6901 plate ramp 22132LKB9305 piece slide set (1set:3pcs) 22300LHJ3900 plate assy drive 22350LHJ3900 plate comp drive 22350GFY690A plate comp drive 22361KGN7671 plate, clutch side 22361LHJ3900 plate clutch side 22401GFY690A spg clutch 22401LHJ3900 spring clutch 22530LHJ3900 weight clutch 22530GFY694A weight clutch 22804GBB2001 rubber clutch dumper 2301AKEC6900 pulley sub assy 23100KEC4900 belt, drive 23200GFY6901 face assy, driven 23220KFBF900 face comp, movable driven 23225GHC8004 pin roller guide 23226GHC8004 roller guide**0030 23233GCW3011 spg, driven face 23237GFY6941 collar, seal 23238GFY6941 collar spg 28211KUDU900 ratchet kick starter 902021G87001 nut, special 28mm 90426KNBN901 washer, special 12mm 90441GFY6941 washer, 12.2*29*2.5 90601GFY6901 clip, 28mm 906051F66721 circlip, 7mm 91001GFY690A brg, ndl 20*29*18 91002GGA770A bearing ball (6902 lu) 15x28x7 91211KEBE900 seal, driven face 34*41*4 913516B42000 o-ring, pinion cap 9405012080 nut, flange 12mm 9452028000 circlip ind28
F09 - Seat kymco 77200KHB4E00T01 seat assy (black) 77200KHB4E00T02 seat assy (brown) 77205KFA6900 rubber seat cush 77239KFA6305M1 key, seat lock 77239KFA6305M2 key, seat lock 77300KHB4900 lock comp seat 77303KFA6900 holder hook bar 77305KFA6900 spring, hook bar 77306KHB4900 collar, seat lock 89010KGBG900 tool set 9390334360 screw tapping (m04x12) (black) 9405006080 nut m06
F15 - Stand/ Starter Arm kymco 28300KNBN901 arm assy kick starter 50502GFY6901 collar main stand 50505KKD7900 stopper, rubber 5050AKHB4900 stand assy, main 50530KFA6E00 bar side stand 50530KHB4900 bar side stand 50531KEB7E00 plate, spring stopper 50535KEB7E00 spring comp, side stand 50550KEB7E00 spg assy, main stand 90108KFA6E00 screw, side stand 957010602206 bolt flange (m06x22) (black) 958011002506 bolt, flange 10*25
F24 - Key kymco 35111KGBG305M1 key comp 35111KGBG305M2 key comp 35111KGBG306M1 key comp 35111KGBG306M2 key comp

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