Our brands

Partsrepublik has exploded views of the following brands

Exploded views are part books with technical drawings and original part numbers of the parts. By means of these exploded views you can see exactly how your motorcycle is put together. These technical drawings are also useful for ordering parts. The parts shown are shown with the original manufacturer's reference. All parts shown here are therefore original parts.

Our brands:

aprilia Aprilia Aprilia
baotian Baotian Baotian
benelli Benelli Benelli
benzhou Benzhou Benzhou
berini Berini Berini
beta Beta Beta
cagiva Cagiva Cagiva
china China China
derbi Derbi Derbi
ducati Ducati Ducati
fosti Fosti Fosti
gasgas Gasgas Gasgas
generic Generic Generic
giantco Giantco Giantco
gilera Gilera Gilera
hiro Hiro Hiro
honda Honda Honda
husqvarna Husqvarna Husqvarna
italjet Italjet Italjet
kawasaki Kawasaki Kawasaki
killerbee Killerbee Killerbee
kreidler Kreidler Kreidler
kymco Kymco Kymco
lintex Lintex Lintex
moto-guzzi Moto-Guzzi Moto-Guzzi
mv-agusta MV Agusta MV Agusta
neco Neco Neco
peugeot Peugeot Peugeot
piaggio Piaggio Piaggio
pronto Pronto Pronto
puch Puch Puch
rieju Rieju Rieju
rover Rover Rover
sachs Sachs Sachs
santini Santini Santini
solex Solex Solex
suzuki Suzuki Suzuki
tomos Tomos Tomos
triumph Triumph Triumph
turbho Turbho Turbho
vespa Vespa Vespa
viraggio Viraggio Viraggio
yamaha Yamaha Yamaha

About the exploded views

Why should i use exploded views?

Exploded views are the technical part drawings that the manufacturer makes during the development of a motorcycle. This is done in the modeling program they use. An exploded view book is a book with all technical drawings of the motorcycle in question. Every manufacturer that designs a motorcycle has these drawings. If you like to hobby yourself with, for example, autocad or solidworks, you are probably familiar with these drawings.

Original articles?

All parts in the technical drawings have a part number. This is the original number, from the original manufacturer of the motorcycle in question. This original part number is also called the OEM number. Each manufacturer has its own article numbers that refer to a unique article. This item may appear on multiple models from a particular manufacturer. Some manufacturers also use this for more brands. Think of the piaggio group, for example, they have brands such as vespa, piaggio, aprilia, moto-guzzi, derbi and gilera. The articles of these brands are often exchanged. The OEM numbers then appear on several models of these brands. However, reference is made to the same part in all cases.

Handy for tinkering!

The exploded view drawings are ideal to use while tinkering with your motorcycle. These exploded views show exactly how something is put together, so you can easily take your motorcycle apart. By means of the technical drawings that partsrepublik offers on the website, you will also immediately see the correct oem number. By means of this article number you can immediately order the correct original article during tinkering! You can also use the technical drawings when assembling your motorcycle or engine block. These technical drawings show exactly how your motorcycle was put together. So you can safely wait a few days or weeks before replacing your new parts!