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All original and replacement parts for your Aprilia Scarabeo 125-150-200 Motore Rotax 15 1999 - 2003.

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All original and replacement parts for your Aprilia.

Take a look at our all our parts for the Aprilia Scarabeo 125-150-200 Motore Rotax 15 1999 - 2003. In addition to the original Aprilia parts, PartsRepublik has also selected the best maintenance parts for your Aprilia Scarabeo 125-150-200 Motore Rotax 15 1999 - 2003. Please note, the image of the model may be wrong. Please let us know if this is the case. All of the items below will fit on the Aprilia Scarabeo 125-150-200 Motore Rotax 15 1999 - 2003.

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Carburettor aprilia AP8144112 intake hose AP8120246 hose clamp d=60-80 AP8134571 hose fixing support 254485 clip m6 AP8101595 hose clamp d10,1 896544 fuel pipe 5.5x10 AP8152277 screw w/ flange m6x12 AP8106553 carburettor AP8106939 carburettor AP0267132 carburettor flange AP8102700 hose clamp 40-60 h9 AP8104045 hose clamp AP0251052 hose clamp with spacer 45
Carburateurcomponenten aprilia AP8106656 needle valve AP8124834 heater kit AP8106662 nozzle AP8106653 needle valve AP8106652 main jet AP8121391 pin AP8152372 screw AP8106655 float AP8106654 idle jet AP8144261 bellows AP8152369 screw AP8144264 float chamber gasket AP8152371 float chamber unload screw AP8104058 hose clip AP8144263 rubber pipe AP8106651 diaphgram pump AP8121390 spring AP8144262 gasket AP8106650 cover AP8152370 screw
Carburateurcomponenten aprilia AP8106661 diaphragm AP8144265 rubber pipe AP8106659 jet needle AP8106660 metering rod lock AP8121392 spring AP8106658 cover AP8152373 screw CM151702 adjuster screw 828829 adjuster screw AP8121393 spring AP8152375 washer AP8123900 o-ring AP8106939 carburettor AP8106553 carburettor
Carburateurcomponenten aprilia AP8106667 plate cpl. AP8144260 adj.min.eng.speed knob AP8152366 screw AP8121389 spring AP8152368 plain washer AP8106663 starter valve cover AP8106665 choke valve AP8106664 plate AP8152374 screw with washer AP8152367 adj.min.eng.speed screw
CRANKCASE aprilia AP0232621 bearing 6003-2rs AP0232293 bearing 6302-c3 AP0932421 ball bearing AP0930900 oil seal 30x52x7 AP0260297 sleeve crankcase AP0241660 plug m14x1.5 AP0650350 o-ring 14x3.2 AP0841921 plug m12x1.5 AP0250640 gasket ring 12x18 AP0256451 oil filter AP0211500 oil filter cover AP0430920 o-ring AP0840880 hex socket screw m6x30 AP0650182 gasket AP0241501 hex socket screw m6x80 AP0297434 loctite anti seize 50ml.15378 AP0230415 gasket ring 6x10 AP0840880 hex socket screw m6x30 AP0240371 hex socket screw m6x60 AP0432680 ball 8.5 mm AP0239280 compression spring 13.5 AP0256483 oil press valve body AP0430622 gasket ring 16x22 AP0640455 cover
CRANKCASE aprilia AP0295941 crankcase assy AP0233710 bearing half-shell 32x36x18 AP0233712 bearing half-shell 32x36x18 AP0233715 bearing half-shell 32x36x18 AP0233717 bearing half-shell 32x36x18 AP0632010 pin m8x12 AP0929650 pin 5x10 AP0229301 pin m6x50 AP0224265 pipe AP0440193 hex socket screw m8x16 AP0950141 gasket ring 8x13 AP0831177 oil seal 25x52x7 AP0640240 stud bolt 8x151-12.9 AP0297433 molykote g-n 50gr. AP0899788 loctite (green) 648 5gr. AP0899784 loctite (orange) 574
CYLINDER aprilia AP0650165 gasket AP0223970 cylinder with piston nikasil AP0613396 cylinder with sleeve AP0929650 pin 5x10 AP0267132 carburettor flange AP0251052 hose clamp with spacer 45 AP0236490 chain tensioner assy. AP0236253 chain tensioner assy. AP0239015 spring 16.9 AP0238100 spring 47.5 AP0552276 screw m18x1.5x10 AP0552280 gasket AP0297433 molykote g-n 50gr.
CYLINDER HEAD aprilia AP0650170 gasket AP0613110 cylinder head assy. AP0253811 valve guide AP0240366 stud bolt m8x50 AP0842616 nut m8 AP0241481 hex socket screw m6x90 AP0840880 hex socket screw m6x30 AP0650300 thermostat gasket AP0222470 thermostat cover AP0941950 screw AP0650255 gasket 5.5/11/1 AP0241841 hex socket screw AP0927571 washer d14 AP0211521 valves cover AP0256500 oil separator AP0650230 valve cover gasket AP0241930 hex socket screw m6x20 AP0265450 temperature gauge AP0297433 molykote g-n 50gr. AP0897651 loctite (blue) 243 10cc. AP0297386 silastic 732 rtv 100 gr. AP0927837 spacer 20.5x30
Engine aprilia AP8139249 variator air intake 254485 clip m6 AP8121075 t bush AP8168045 variator air intake grid AP8106842 engine, complete 120 s AP8106601 engine 120s AP8102576 2-way union AP8201169 hose clip d22x8,6* AP8120977 oil breather pipe AP8201409 hose clip 290x8.9 AP8134167 brake hose hanger AP8120657 hose clamp 896544 fuel pipe 5.5x10 AP8152279 screw w/ flange m6x20 AP8152299 self-locking nut m6 31088 counter support vespa s piaggio orig 654298 AP8121889 cable-guide AP8120802 cable-guide AP8168213 crank-case cover AP8158477 crank-case cover AP8144547 front slide piece AP8144548 rear slide piece AP8117202 insulator AP8121593 t bush AP8150450 washer for shafts d5 AP8150045 hex socket screw m6x55 AP8102504 rubber spacer
RADIATOR aprilia AP8202209 water cooler AP8134485 water cooler support AP8150430 low self-locking nut 31088 counter support vespa s piaggio orig 654298 AP8152299 self-locking nut m6 AP8124855 fan. cpl. 254485 clip m6 AP8112939 thermal switch AP8121837 aluminium washer AP8120405 rubber spacer AP8120275 silent-block 31088 counter support vespa s piaggio orig 654298
TRANSMISION aprilia AP0927470 thrust washer AP0220635 intermediate shaft AP0220345 drive shaft z=17 AP0220645 drive shaft AP0635070 drive shaft gear z=68 AP0650205 gasket AP0211492 transmission cover AP0930268 oil seal 20x35x7 AP0232768 bearing 6205-c3 AP0232293 bearing 6302-c3 AP0840880 hex socket screw m6x30 AP0297434 loctite anti seize 50ml.15378 AP0927055 thrust washer 15,2/30/1 AP0220640 drive shaft, no thrust washer


Fuel tank-seat aprilia AP8139256 fuel tank AP8102408 fuel pump AP8144187 fuel collector rubber AP8201757 fuel filler cap AP8104251 oil breather valve AP8120116 3-way union AP8101595 hose clamp d10,1 254485 clip m6 AP8150204 nut m4 AP8124512 fuel level sensor AP8152306 self-locking nut m5 896544 fuel pipe 5.5x10 AP8134526 plate AP8152280 screw w/ flange m6x25 AP8150015 washer 6,6x18x1,6* AP8152299 self-locking nut m6 AP8104071 union cpl. 577557 fastening clamp AP8101770 hose clip d8x5.5 AP8101944 2-way union AP8220402 pipe 5x9
CENTER STAND aprilia AP8146613 centerstand AP8146693 central stand AP8134321 central stand plate AP8121932 central stand fixing screw AP8150466 belleville spring AP8152301 self-locking nut 254485 clip m6 AP8152326 nut m6 AP8144487 stand end stop AP8221204 lateral stand spring AP8121937 spring coupling screw AP8152286 screw w/ flange m8x20 AP8150016 washer 6,6x18x1,6 AP8120855 central stand spring prot. AP8146213 lateral stand AP8120338 lateral stand roller AP8121012 spacer AP8121014 coil pull spring AP8121876 spring fixing plate AP8144152 rubber spacer AP8152299 self-locking nut m6 AP8152001 low nut m10x1,25 AP8152281 screw w/ flange m6x30 AP8152295 lateral stand screw
Slotset aprilia 113007308 AP8102841 lock kit 113007308 AP8104613 aprilia key w/out transpo. AP8102523 lock nut m22x1,5 AP8104584 top box lock AP8124620 main switch - steering lock AP8102944 commutator cap AP8152140 shear rivet m6x17 AP8102945 saddle lock AP8114381 lock cable AP8152277 screw w/ flange m6x12 AP8121075 t bush 31088 counter support vespa s piaggio orig 654298 AP8104598 scarabeo key w/out transpo.
FENDER aprilia AP8126765 front mudguard, AP8126884 front mudguard, grey AP8156011 front mudguard, black AP8126764 front mudguard, AP8126952 front mudguard. grey AP8156064 front mudguard. green AP8126831 front mudguard. chips blue AP8126950 front mudguard. red AP8156021 front mudguard, red AP8126954 front mudguard, gold AP8126830 front mudguard, ap. black AP8126953 front mudguard, blue AP8156071 front mudguard. blue AP8126635 front mudguard, chamois AP8126855 front mudguard, ice green AP8156005 front mudguard, green AP8126763 front mudguard, s.grey AP8126951 front mudguard, green AP8156022 front mudguard, grey AP8139605 front shield lockup AP8156002 lh hub cover. grey AP8126638 lh hub cover. grey AP8126637 rh hub cover. grey AP8156001 rh hub cover. grey AP8134489 front mudguard connect. AP8139727 mudguard protection AP8201763 screw clip d5.5 AP8152345 screw 5.5x20 31088 counter support vespa s piaggio orig 654298 AP8120001 rubber spacer AP8150426 screw 5.5x15.9 AP8121096 t bush 8.2x12x4 AP8152289 screw w/ flange AP8144240 cable-guide
HANDLEBAR aprilia AP8102835 rh rearview mirror AP8104491 rh rearview mirror AP8102836 lh rearview mirror AP8104492 lh rearview mirror AP8118479 handlebar AP8201764 screw clip d5.5 AP8150277 hex socket screw m8x50 AP8150431 low nut m8 AP8150020 washer 10,5x21x2* AP8150088 hex socket screw m10x70 AP8152301 self-locking nut AP8144402 mirror rubber AP8104384 h.bars anti.v weight AP8144600 rh slide piece AP8144555 lh slide piece AP8150026 nut m6 AP8150157 hex socket screw m6x60 AP8150015 washer 6,6x18x1,6* AP8104518 rh rearview mirror AP8104519 lh rearview mirror
Voorscherm aprilia AP8148758 front shield, ap. black AP8148233 front shield. AP8158288 front shield. gold AP8168748 front shield, green AP8149072 front shield, ice green AP8158246 front shield, grey AP8168191 front shield, red AP8148250 front shield, AP8168824 front shield. blue AP8168097 front shield, black AP8158195 front shield, green AP8158180 front shield, red AP8168033 front shield, green AP8148216 front shield, s.grey AP8149540 front shield. grey AP8158274 front shield, blue AP8168204 front shield, grey AP8139261 front shield. chamois AP8148772 front shield. AP8158918 rh bumper. black AP8148423 rh bumper. grey AP8158919 lh bumper. black AP8148424 lh bumper. grey AP8139273 water cooler shield, grey AP8158997 water cooler shield. black AP8149553 water cooler shield, grey AP8150444 self-tapping screw AP8152302 screw w/ flange m5x12 AP8102504 rubber spacer AP8150450 washer for shafts d5 AP8202449 clip
FRONT WHEEL aprilia AP8108971 front wheel, grey AP8108920 front wheel AP8125767 front wheel spindle AP8139686 front spoke cover AP8125810 screw AP8113697 front brake disc d.260 AP8152288 screw w/ flange AP8125743 gasket ring d40x50x4 AP8120865 drive key AP8102845 odometer gear AP8225280 spacer AP8120621 oil seal AP8125812 bearing 15x42x13 AP8125811 spacer AP8201546 tubeless tyre valve 1982497
WIND SCREEN aprilia AP8791254 windscreen cpl. big AP8791071 windscreen cpl. big AP8791072 windscreen w/out support big AP8791077 windscreen cpl. sport AP8791078 windscreen w/out support sport AP8791081 handguards. pair
Zijbeplating aprilia AP8126639 rear fairing, chamois AP8168207 rear fairing, grey AP8149552 rear fairing, m.grey AP8158284 rear fairing, gold AP8148240 rear fairing, AP8168101 rear fairing, grey AP8148779 rear fairing. AP8158253 rear fairing, grey AP8168753 rear fairing, green AP8158206 rear fairing, green AP8148765 rear fairing. ap. black AP8168090 rear fairing, grey AP8168038 rear fairing, green AP8148257 rear fairing, AP8158187 rear fairing, red AP8168196 rear fairing, red AP8149079 rear fairing, ice green AP8158270 rear fairing, blue AP8168829 rear fairing, blue AP8148223 rear fairing, s.grey AP8150413 self-tap screw 3,9x14 AP8201763 screw clip d5.5 AP8152274 screw w/flange m5x20 AP8152345 screw 5.5x20
REAR WHEEL aprilia AP8152244 dax flange nut m14x1.5 1982499 AP8108949 rear wheel AP8108972 rear wheel AP8201546 tubeless tyre valve AP8113541 brake disc d220 AP8125810 screw AP8152288 screw w/ flange AP8121335 rear wheel spacer AP8139687 rear spoke cover AP8149308 rear spoke cover
rear suspension linkage aprilia AP8123795 shock absorber AP8144259 rubber spacer AP8121388 bush AP8150292 curved spring washer AP8150329 hex socket screw AP8152176 washer 10,5x18x2* AP8121402 shock absorber bush AP8150436 low self-locking nut m10 AP8150494 screw w/flange m10x1.25


Instrument panel aprilia AP8158176 dashboard panel. grey AP8158979 dashboard panel, silver AP8139258 dashboard panel. s.grey AP8168086 dashboard panel. grey AP8144268 clock rubber AP8124750 shield AP8144267 gasket AP8212406 digital clock AP8150444 self-tapping screw AP8124751 clock bottom AP8212407 lampholder. complete 12v-1.2w AP8212408 lampholder. complete 12v/2w AP8124687 dashboard complete AP8127329 dashboard complete AP8127789 transparent protection AP8124749 transparent protection AP8114357 odometer cable AP8220177 o-ring 115
HEADLIGHT aprilia AP8124790 screw AP8124770 inox self tapping screw AP8124771 screw AP8124791 square nut AP8124772 lh front turn ind.harness AP8124773 rh front turn ind.harness AP8127131 turn indicator lens AP8127130 turn indicator lens AP8124776 rubber spacer AP8124777 anti-condensate rubber AP8124778 square nut AP8124779 headlight wiring w/harness AP8127411 painted ring nut AP8163201 chromed ring nut AP8124780 chromed ring nut AP8124781 headlight unit. complete AP8124783 gasket AP8124784 wiring clip AP8127132 lh front turn indicator AP8127412 lh front turn indicator AP8127375 lh front turn indicator AP8127133 rh front turn indicator AP8127413 rh front turn indicator AP8127376 rh front turn indicator AP8224209 lampholder AP8124787 headlight cap. chr. AP8127377 headlight cap. chr. AP8127414 painted headlight cap AP8124788 adjuster screw AP8124504 headlight AP8127398 headlight AP8127332 headlight 292723 lamp h4 12v-60/55w 292022 lamp 12v-5w 181746 lamp 12v-10w
STARTER MOTOR aprilia AP0634460 idle gear z=54/17 AP0247930 spacer 10/17/11.2 AP0265630 coil ecu (green) AP0265419 ht coil AP0265242 sparkplug cap 106487 AP0297921 spark plug cr8evx 106487 AP0296390 starter motor AP0241930 hex socket screw m6x20 AP0297434 loctite anti seize 50ml.15378 AP0897330 lithium-base grease 250gr.
TAILLIGHT aprilia AP8127380 lens+number plate light kit AP8124790 screw AP8124791 square nut AP8124792 self-tap screw AP8127400 taillight cap. p.grey AP8127415 taillight cap, AP8124794 rh rear turn ind.harness AP8124795 lh rear turn ind.harness AP8124796 taillight wiring harn. AP8127380 lens+number plate light kit AP8127135 rear rh turn indicator AP8127416 rear rh turn indicator AP8127378 rear rh turn indicator AP8127379 rear lh turn indicator AP8127417 rear lh turn indicator AP8127134 rear lh turn indicator AP8127131 turn indicator lens AP8127130 turn indicator lens AP8124802 headlight unit. complete AP8127399 taillight AP8127093 taillight AP8127333 taillight 129953 lamp 12v-21/5w 292022 lamp 12v-5w 181746 lamp 12v-10w AP8127380 lens+number plate light kit

Other / Not classified

buddyseat aprilia AP8149325 pillar hinge, black AP8148762 pillar hinge, AP8148220 pillar hinge, grey AP8149076 pillar hinge, ice green AP8148254 pillar hinge, AP8139257 pillar hinge, chamois AP8148776 pillar hinge, AP8148237 pillar hinge, AP8129347 saddle complete, grey/black AP8129360 saddle complete, black AP8129390 saddle complete, grey/blue AP8129280 saddle complete, black AP8129382 saddle complete black AP8129340 saddle complete, grey/blue AP8129388 saddle complete, grey AP8129238 saddle complete, red AP8129314 saddle complete, grey AP8129313 saddle complete. grey AP8129387 saddle complete, grey AP8129339 saddle complete, grey/black AP8129286 saddle complete, brown AP8129336 saddle complete black AP8129383 saddle complete black AP8129499 saddle complete black AP8126782 sella completa marro AP8129309 saddle complete black AP8129342 saddle complete, brown/green AP8129359 saddle complete, black AP8129389 saddle complete, grey/blue AP8129350 rear saddle, grey/blue AP8129399 rear saddle, blue/grey AP8129289 rear saddle, black AP8129358 rear saddle, grey/black AP8129348 rear saddle, grey AP8129368 rear saddle, black AP8129397 rear saddle, black AP8129317 rear saddle, grey AP8129228 rear saddle, red AP8129357 rear saddle, grey AP8129288 rear saddle, brown AP8129398 rear saddle, grey AP8129369 rear saddle, black AP8129349 rear saddle, grey/black AP8129315 rear saddle, light brown AP8129268 rear saddle, brown AP8129351 rear saddle, brown/green AP8121333 saddle spin AP8152299 self-locking nut m6 AP8201643 split pin AP8220349 rubber spacer AP8221023 t bush AP8152140 shear rivet m6x17 31088 counter support vespa s piaggio orig 654298 AP8121075 t bush
buddyseat onderdverkleding aprilia AP8139282 saddle compartment, black AP8238856 fuel sens. cover. black AP8150413 self-tap screw 3,9x14 AP8220370 filter housing rubber AP8121725 t bush AP8120177 elastic AP8102842 toolkit AP8102945 saddle lock AP8114381 lock cable AP8152277 screw w/ flange m6x12 AP8121075 t bush AP8150426 screw 5.5x15.9 AP8150425 screw 5.5x22 AP8150013 washer 5,5x15x1,6 AP8144175 gasket AP8152287 screw w/ flange m8x25 AP8221128 t bush 8.5x10.7x12 31088 counter support vespa s piaggio orig 654298 AP8201763 screw clip d5.5 AP8179536 saddle compartment. black AP8144510 intake hose AP8104501 hose clamp d.52 AP8104502 hose clamp d.47
carter rechts aprilia AP0232621 bearing 6003-2rs AP0295630 oil pump assy. AP0241275 screw w/flange m5x25 AP0240940 bearing screw m6 AP0240235 plug m16x1.5 AP0430622 gasket ring 16x22 AP0256490 oil strainer AP0241782 tappo scarico olio AP0250640 gasket ring 12x18 AP0956166 oil pressure switch m10x1 AP0220356 water pump shaft assy. AP0230195 oil seal 10x26x7 AP0827590 thrust washer 10.1/17/1 AP0232430 pin AP0634430 pump gear AP0897161 molykote 111 100gr. AP0897651 loctite (blue) 243 10cc. AP0827405 washer 8,1 AP0245570 circlip 8x0.8 AP0293419 water pump assy AP0430900 o-ring AP0260710 spacer
diefstalbeveiligen aprilia AP8720115 iron guard 10x150 mm AP8720116 iron guard 8x120 mm AP8720117 iron guard disk 5 mm AP8720118 easy guard 150 mm
elektrische installatie i aprilia AP8124500 main wiring harness AP8124598 horn AP8112930 ground-battery lead AP8220263 breather pipe 4x8 AP8112920 battery AP8124235 flasher unit 12v 10+10w AP8112906 regulator rectifier assembly AP8152274 screw w/flange m5x20 AP8131838 battery holder AP8152279 screw w/ flange m6x20 AP8152299 self-locking nut m6 AP8139266 battery holder AP8120754 rubber fuse box 252945 fuse 7,5a 290860 fuse 15a 495357 fuse 20a 254485 clip m6 31088 counter support vespa s piaggio orig 654298 AP8139268 battery cover
elektrische installatie ii aprilia AP8124500 main wiring harness AP8144053 spark plug rubber AP0265419 ht coil AP8112927 relay 12v-150a AP8124935 relay-starter motor cable AP8120253 spacer 855799 screw w/ flange AP8150026 nut m6 AP8150429 curved spring washer 6x12 AP8124769 heater wiring AP0265242 sparkplug cap AP8112930 ground-battery lead AP8124754 thermal switch AP0897330 lithium-base grease 250gr.
filterhuis new version aprilia AP8158788 filter housing cover AP8158789 filter housing base AP8102832 air filter AP8139287 upper filter mesh AP8139252 air filter cover AP8139652 lower filter mesh AP8120615 gasket d3 AP8150413 self-tap screw 3,9x14 AP8150426 screw 5.5x15.9 AP8120772 breather pipe AP8144038 fuel pipe 6x10 AP8102239 hose clamp 12,5x8 AP8120876 plug AP8101595 hose clamp d10,1 890513 gasket d4 AP8141132 rubber spacer AP8101586 hose clip d.15.5x6.6 AP8158791 protection AP8120615 gasket d3
filterhuis old version aprilia 890513 gasket d4 AP8139250 filter housing base AP8158098 filter housing base AP8139251 filter housing cover 113011703 AP8102832 air filter AP8139287 upper filter mesh AP8139252 air filter cover AP8139652 lower filter mesh AP8120615 gasket d3 AP8150413 self-tap screw 3,9x14 AP8150426 screw 5.5x15.9 AP8120772 breather pipe AP8144038 fuel pipe 6x10 AP8102239 hose clamp 12,5x8 AP8120876 plug AP8101595 hose clamp d10,1
frame aprilia AP8146579 frame with electro-coating AP8134484 front shield connect. AP8146879 rear bow AP8134754 front shield support AP8152313 captive nut m6 254485 clip m6 AP8102375 clip m5 AP8102902 hex threaded insert AP8152277 screw w/ flange m6x12 AP8201763 screw clip d5.5 AP8152285 screw w/flange m8x16 AP8146279 rear footrests. pair AP8146280 footrest plate AP8135677 footrest pin AP8201643 split pin AP8150178 washer 6.4x12.5 AP8123794 ball ring set. complete AP8220590 gasket AP8152339 screw w/ flange m5x9 AP8146611 rh rear footrests cover AP8146612 lh cover rear footrest AP8146640 rear footrests, pair
koelapparaat aprilia AP8134487 expansion tank support AP8201463 rad cap w/ vent AP8139255 expansion tank AP8102614 thermostat valve set AP8144115 water cooler-head tube AP8102732 hose clamp 17-25 AP8144116 valve-cooler tube AP8102810 hose clamp AP8144120 motor-pump valve tube AP8144506 breather pipe 7,5x3,5 AP8220450 rubber fabric reinforced hose AP8102764 white hose clip d.13x6 AP8102765 white hose clip d.13.5x6 AP8152272 screw w/ flange m5x12 254485 clip m6 AP8101573 hose clamp d16-24x8 AP8150015 washer 6,6x18x1,6* 31088 counter support vespa s piaggio orig 654298
koffer aprilia AP8790265 case assy.-pair, AP8792216 case assy.-pair, AP8792104 case assy.-pair, AP8790262 case assy.-pair, AP8792213 case assy.-pair, p.grey AP8790237 case assy.-pair, s.grey AP8792272 case assy.-pair, AP8792131 case assy.-pair, AP8790234 side case assy., AP8792269 case assy.-pair, m.grey AP8792103 case assy.-pair, c.brown AP8792133 case assy.-pair, ice g. AP8792219 case assy.-pair, AP8792102 case assy.-pair, s.grey AP8792222 case assy.-pair, AP8792278 case assy.-pair, AP8792105 case assy.-pair, AP8790231 side case assy., AP8792270 rh case, m.grey AP8790232 rh case, AP8792276 rh case, AP8792279 rh case, AP8792220 rh case, AP8790266 rh case, AP8792217 rh case, AP8790235 rh case, AP8792273 rh case, AP8790238 rh case, s.grey AP8792214 rh case, p.grey AP8790263 rh case, AP8792280 lh case, AP8792221 lh case, AP8790267 lh case, AP8792218 lh case, AP8790264 lh case, AP8792215 lh case, p.grey AP8790239 lh case, s.grey AP8792274 lh case, AP8790236 lh case, AP8792271 lh case, m.grey AP8790233 lh case, AP8790114 rotor kit with key AP8104197 top box lock cpl. AP8792170 top box lock cpl. AP8703052 top box backrest, red AP8703054 top box backrest, black
krukas zuigers aprilia AP0295596 crankshaft cpl. 50 mm AP0627110 thrust washer 32/50/1 AP0627111 thrust washer 32/50/1.2 AP0627110 thrust washer 32/50/1 AP0627112 thrust washer 32/50/1,4 AP0246570 transmission key 4x5 AP0295585 piston assy 56.37/38 AP0295581 piston assy 56,37/38 AP0295589 piston ring set AP0295584 piston ring set AP0216210 piston pin 15x10x43 AP0245805 circlip w. bent end AP0253880 intake valve 20 mm AP0253892 exhaust valve 18 mm AP0227451 lámina de ajuste 12,5/21,5/0,5 AP0650120 valve stem seal AP0239360 valve spring AP0253902 valve spring retainer AP0253840 valve half-cone sk 4n AP0236350 chain guide AP0297434 loctite anti seize 50ml.15378
nevenluchtbehuizing aprilia AP8106940 valve sas AP8120956 breather pipe AP0251470 maintenance AP8102349 white hose clip d17,5x8 AP8144657 pipe AP8101586 hose clip d.15.5x6.6 AP8120378 hose clamp AP8144303 3-way union AP8220263 breather pipe 4x8 896544 fuel pipe 5.5x10 AP8120179 hose clamp d8
ontstekinggroep aprilia AP0635150 sprag clutch gear AP0259495 sprag clutch AP0259480 sprag clutch housing AP0641590 hex socket screw m8x16 AP0940485 screw m8x30 AP0227937 washer 8,4 AP0650190 gasket AP0211430 ignition cover AP0840880 hex socket screw m6x30 AP0241236 hex socket screw m6x16 AP0840880 hex socket screw m6x30 AP0256461 oil level plug AP0630400 o-ring AP0899788 loctite (green) 648 5gr. AP0684300 ignition unit+sprag clutch AP0297386 silastic 732 rtv 100 gr. AP0897651 loctite (blue) 243 10cc. AP0251470 maintenance AP0241821 hex socket screw m6x45 AP0945751 break washer a6
primaire poelie aprilia AP0280092 fixed pulley AP0233774 spacer AP0280115 pulley assy.. driving AP0650280 oil seal 27x34x3.5 AP0650260 o-ring AP0229423 pin roller 8.8g AP0259655 ramp plate AP0260335 black slide piece AP0239490 slide piece support AP0211715 cover AP0241975 screw m4x8 AP0295333 comp variator AP0295733 primary transm. AP0227180 washer 12.2x32x2 AP0242515 nut m12x1 AP0211700 variator cover AP0211701 variator cover AP0840880 hex socket screw m6x30 AP8116070 grease nippon-sekiyu 250 gr. AP0297434 loctite anti seize 50ml.15378 AP0897651 loctite (blue) 243 10cc.
schakelingen links aprilia AP8113003 oil pipe screw AP8113004 washer 10x14x1,6* AP8113700 rear brake hose AP8118539 handgrip pair, black AP8118643 handgrip pair, black AP8113862 pump revision kit AP8152268 hex socket screw AP8118542 brake lever AP8118641 brake lever AP8113859 pump cover screw AP8113860 pump cover AP8125757 lever screw AP8213298 nut AP8113637 brake lever u-bolt AP8213299 cap screw 580953 button AP8113784 rear master cylinder AP8133558 rear master cylinder AP8113861 piston assy AP8127225 lh lights selector AP8124803 upper lh light control cover AP8124804 lower lh light control cover AP8127180 turn indic.lightbutton cap
schakelingen rechts aprilia AP8113003 oil pipe screw AP8113004 washer 10x14x1,6* AP8113696 front brake hose AP8118643 handgrip pair, black AP8118539 handgrip pair, black AP8114453 throttle cable AP8118499 throttle place AP8150165 hex socket screw m6x25 AP8152268 hex socket screw AP8118641 brake lever AP8118542 brake lever AP8113863 pump cover AP8113859 pump cover screw AP8125757 lever screw AP8213298 nut 580953 button AP8133557 front master cilinder AP8113783 front master cilinder AP8113861 piston assy AP8113864 pump revision kit AP8127226 rh lights selector AP8124805 upper rh light control cover AP8124806 lower rh light control cover AP8127238 start pushbutton AP8127179 lightbutton cap
secundaire poelie aprilia AP0280102 v-belt AP0280135 secondary inner pulley AP0632085 ball bearing AP0245490 circlip 28x1.2 AP0632090 roller bearing 20x29x18 AP0280125 secondary outer pulley AP0650290 oil seal AP0229430 guide pin AP0249060 guide roller AP0650270 o-ring AP0627165 spring cap AP0239406 spring AP0259739 clutch cpl. AP0242920 nut m28x1 AP0259662 clutch drum AP0945754 break washer a12 AP0242515 nut m12x1 AP0211700 variator cover AP0211701 variator cover AP0840880 hex socket screw m6x30 AP0297433 molykote g-n 50gr. AP0297434 loctite anti seize 50ml.15378 AP0899788 loctite (green) 648 5gr. AP0296280 pulley assy.. driven AP0897651 loctite (blue) 243 10cc.
stuurafdekking aprilia AP8168032 handlebar cover, green AP8148232 handlebar cover, AP8158194 handlebar cover, green AP8139259 handlebar cover, chamois AP8148757 handlebar cover. AP8158027 handlebar cover, grey AP8149071 handlebar cover, ice green AP8158178 handlebar cover. red AP8158287 handlebar cover, gold AP8168747 handlebar cover, green AP8168190 handlebar cover, black AP8168088 handlebar cover, grey AP8168823 handlebar cover. blue AP8148771 handlebar cover, AP8158029 handlebar cover, AP8158273 handlebar cover, blue AP8168096 handlebar cover, grey AP8148215 handlebar cover, s.grey AP8148249 handlebar cover, AP8158009 handlebar cover. AP8158245 handlebar cover, grey AP8149883 plancia fanale vern. AP8168031 headlight support, green AP8168822 headlight support, blue AP8149887 headlight support, grey AP8158272 headlight support. blue AP8168095 headlight support. black AP8148214 headlight support, s.grey AP8158286 headlight support gold AP8158177 headlight support, red AP8149070 headlight support, ice green AP8149885 headlight support, AP8168784 headlight support, green AP8158193 headlight support, green AP8149726 headlight support. AP8158244 headlight support. grey AP8149884 plancia fanale vern. AP8148248 headlight support, AP8158981 windshield AP8139726 windshield AP8150421 self-tap screw 2,9x12 AP8120531 rubber w/ insert AP8150413 self-tap screw 3,9x14 AP8150444 self-tapping screw AP8120253 spacer AP8152302 screw w/ flange m5x12 AP8148050 cover AP8152270 hex socket screw m5x25 AP8152345 screw 5.5x20
swingarm aprilia AP8146111 engine connecting element AP8146113 frame coupling rod AP8121286 rod bush AP8121287 rod bush AP8203520 cup AP8221160 pin m12 AP8150432 low self-locking nut m12 AP8152018 washer 12.2x22x2 AP8220619 silent-block, connecting rod AP8152301 self-locking nut AP8121931 stop conn.rod guard AP8121214 t bush AP8150455 hex socket screw m10x20 AP8121954 engine pivot pin bush AP8121503 engine pivot pin bush AP8206233 outside circlip d17 AP8121285 screw m12x150 AP8121311 sliding bush AP8121218 spacer 10.2x20x4 AP0232621 bearing 6003-2rs AP8150210 curved spring washer AP8152176 washer 10,5x18x2*
uitlaatgroep aprilia AP8119465 silencer AP8119676 silencer AP8119723 exhaust pipe AP8119533 exhaust pipe AP8119355 exhaust pipe gasket AP8119466 drilled exhaust pipe protection AP8117227 exhaust pipe protection w/out holes AP8220357 silent block. exhaust pipe AP8134488 exaust pipe support AP8152350 nut AP8110086 dust cover AP8125644 bearing 20x42x1 AP8121334 circlip d.42 AP8121374 dust shield AP8152288 screw w/ flange AP8152290 screw w/ flange m8x40 AP8150334 nut m8 AP8150169 hex socket screw m8x20 AP8150376 washer 8,5x15x0,8 AP8150087 hex socket screw m8x80 AP8119543 screw AP8119544 washer AP8119545 screw
ventielschakeling aprilia AP0220314 camshaft 217° AP0229410 pin 10x75 AP0627100 thrust washer 10.1/17/0.5 AP0253878 rocker arm assy.. exhaust AP0253868 rocker arm assy.. inlet AP0241335 screw m6x75 AP0242910 nut m6x0.75 AP0827590 thrust washer 10.1/17/1 AP0627100 thrust washer 10.1/17/0.5 AP0251040 plate AP0241841 hex socket screw AP0634380 gear z=34 AP0641595 screw m8x16 AP0227937 washer 8,4 AP0297932 camshaft chain AP0236270 chain guide plate AP0236280 chain guide plate AP0897651 loctite (blue) 243 10cc. AP0627320 spacer AP0297434 loctite anti seize 50ml.15378
verbruikmateriaal aprilia AP0297434 loctite anti seize 50ml.15378 AP0897651 loctite (blue) 243 10cc. AP0899784 loctite (orange) 574 AP0899788 loctite (green) 648 5gr. AP0297433 molykote g-n 50gr. AP0897161 molykote 111 100gr. AP0897330 lithium-base grease 250gr. AP8116070 grease nippon-sekiyu 250 gr. AP0297386 silastic 732 rtv 100 gr. AP0295713 gasket set
verkleding aprilia AP8158922 inspection cover, black AP8148425 inspection cover, grey AP8168878 inspection cover AP8148225 undersaddle, s.grey AP8168041 undersaddle, green AP8158205 undersaddle, green AP8168212 undersaddle, grey AP8149081 undersaddle. ice green AP8158283 undersaddle gold AP8148242 undersaddle, AP8168106 undersaddle, black AP8168828 undersaddle blue AP8158269 undersaddle blue AP8148781 undersaddle, AP8148767 undersaddle, AP8158252 undersaddle, grey AP8168752 undersaddle. green AP8148208 undersaddle, chamois AP8149551 undersaddle,mer. grey AP8148259 undersaddle, AP8158186 undersaddle, red AP8168202 undersaddle, red AP8117162 die cut protection AP8139283 fuel tank cover AP8152345 screw 5.5x20 AP8220471 plastic rivet AP8152274 screw w/flange m5x20 AP8120531 rubber w/ insert
voetruimteafdekking aprilia AP8149327 low. prot.fairing, light brown AP8149075 low. prot.fairing, ice green AP8148219 low. prot.fairing, s.grey AP8149331 low. prot.fairing, black AP8158181 low. prot.fairing, red AP8148761 low. prot.fairing, AP8149543 low. prot.fairing AP8158289 low. prot.fairing, gold AP8168205 low. prot.fairing.grey AP8168194 low. prot.fairing, red AP8158275 underpanel. blue AP8149335 low. prot.fairing, green AP8148236 low. prot.fairing, AP8149333 low. prot.fairing. blue AP8158196 low. prot.fairing, green AP8168036 low. prot.fairing, green AP8148775 low. prot.fairing, AP8168751 low. prot.fairing. green AP8149329 low. prot.fairing, red AP8139274 low. prot.fairing. chamois AP8148253 low. prot.fairing, AP8158921 black tunnel AP8139275 tunnel. grey AP8139278 rh mat, grey AP8158923 rh mat. black AP8158924 lh mat. black AP8139279 lh mat, grey AP8158925 rh floor panel. black AP8139583 rh floor panel. grey AP8139584 lh floor panel. grey AP8158926 lh floor panel. black AP8201763 screw clip d5.5 AP8150421 self-tap screw 2,9x12 AP8152345 screw 5.5x20 AP8152302 screw w/ flange m5x12 AP8150413 self-tap screw 3,9x14 AP8102375 clip m5 AP8168880 lh floor panel. black AP8168947 cover black AP8178721 cover chrime grey AP8168877 black tunnel
voorschermafdekkingen aprilia AP8149550 front cover, grey AP8149080 front cover. ice green AP8158282 front cover gold AP8168201 front cover, red AP8148224 front cover, s.grey AP8168040 front cover, green AP8168821 front cover, blue AP8148766 front cover, AP8158251 front cover, grey AP8168105 front cover. grey AP8158204 front cover, green AP8148258 front cover, AP8168211 front cover, grey AP8148241 front cover, AP8158185 front cover, red AP8168092 front cover. grey AP8148780 front cover. AP8158268 front cover, blue AP8148206 front cover, chamois AP8168745 front cover, green AP8139731 grid, chr. AP8150421 self-tap screw 2,9x12 AP8152351 screw 4.2x16 AP8158914 frame grille. silver AP8168188 frame grille, black AP8168189 grid AP8158915 grid
voorwielremklauw aprilia AP8133725 brake pads AP8113697 front brake disc d.260 AP8113696 front brake hose AP8213108 air bleed valve AP8113005 bleed valve cap AP8113004 washer 10x14x1,6* AP8113003 oil pipe screw AP8113867 pins+caliper springs AP8113844 front brake caliper AP8150107 hex socket screw m8x30 AP8113866 screw AP8113868 brake caliper rev. kit
vork brug aprilia AP8123793 front fork AP8163001 stem base AP8163161 stem base AP8123904 stem base AP8123759 plug AP8163303 plug AP8123696 plug AP8163304 stop ring AP8123695 o-ring AP8123756 stop ring AP8163002 screw w/flange AP8152289 screw w/ flange AP8121096 t bush 8.2x12x4 AP8163010 disc cover bush
vork brug kaifa aprilia AP8163285 screw m10x30 AP8163286 washer AP8163287 rh sleeve AP8163288 lh sleeve AP8163289 stroke limit stop AP8163290 sleeve AP8163291 return spring AP8163292 shock absorber AP8163293 ring AP8163294 bush AP8163295 oil seal washer AP8163296 oil seal AP8163297 stop ring AP8163298 dust cover AP8163299 spring AP8163300 plug AP8163301 o-ring AP8163302 stop ring AP8163303 plug AP8163304 stop ring AP8163305 screw AP8167127 guard decal AP8224342 reflector AP8121856 cable-guide
vork brug marzocchi aprilia AP8123754 ring AP8123708 return spring AP8203570 screw AP8203572 seal washer AP8203950 circlip 600121 plug cpl. AP8163003 spring AP8163004 shock absorber AP8123920 screw AP8123701 stroke limit stop AP8163006 rh hub AP8163007 lh hub AP8203258 dust cover AP8123704 stop ring AP8103392 gasket ring AP8123705 cup AP8203447 bush AP8163008 rh sleeve AP8163009 lh sleeve AP8167127 guard decal AP8224342 reflector
vork showa aprilia AP8123765 stroke limit stop AP8123775 o-ring AP8123761 plug AP8123905 spring AP8123776 ring AP8123906 shock absorber AP8123764 spring AP8123907 sleeve AP8123767 dust cover AP8123921 stop ring AP8123769 oil seal AP8123909 oil seal washer AP8123910 bush AP8123911 rh sleeve AP8123912 lh sleeve AP8203794 washer AP8123774 screw m8x30 AP8203796 screw m6x20 AP8167127 guard decal AP8224342 reflector AP8121856 cable-guide
achterwielremklauw aprilia AP8113869 brake pads AP8113870 f.antiwhistle plate-pair AP8113005 bleed valve cap AP8113006 air bleed valve AP8113003 oil pipe screw AP8113004 washer 10x14x1,6* AP8113700 rear brake hose AP8201808 cable-guide d8 AP8113541 brake disc d220 AP8152288 screw w/ flange AP8152287 screw w/ flange m8x25 AP8113871 pin+brake spring AP8113872 brake caliper rev. kit AP8113845 rear brake caliper AP8121889 cable-guide
algemeen aprilia AP8794032 radio display,white mobcontrol AP8794036 radio wiring mobcontrol AP8794038 spiral cable for boot AP8794039 earphones with microphone arm AP8701244 wire samsung mod2 AP8701235 wire panasonic mod1 AP8701241 wire nokia mod1 AP8701232 wire ericsson AP8701234 wire motorola mod2 AP8701243 wire samsung mod1 AP8701237 wire panasonic mod3 AP8701239 wire siemens mod2 AP8701238 wire siemens mod1 AP8701242 wire nokia mod2 AP8701233 wire motorola mod1 AP8701245 wire sony AP8701240 wire siemens mod3 AP8701236 wire panasonic mod2 AP8797170 wiring aux mobcontrol
bagagedrager koffer aprilia AP8178832 lugg.rack support. black AP8158927 luggage rack. black AP8121725 t bush AP8152282 screw w/ flange m6x35 AP8152299 self-locking nut m6 AP8121332 bush AP8152288 screw w/ flange AP8121790 t bush AP8152136 hex socket screw AP8150430 low self-locking nut AP8158292 top box, gold AP8158149 top box grey AP8158184 top box, red AP8158250 top box grey AP8158278 top box blue AP8158153 top box black AP8158155 top box blue AP8158200 top box green AP8139653 top box AP8104076 top box lock AP8148439 top box base AP8158264 top box cover AP8158279 top box cover AP8158154 top box cover AP8148440 top box cover AP8158156 top box cover AP8158201 top box cover AP8158293 top box cover AP8158150 top box cover AP8158267 top box cover AP8148441 big angle bar AP8149337 big angle bar AP8149338 small angle bar AP8148442 small angle bar AP8148443 findings kit AP8158157 upper big angle bar AP8158202 upper big angle bar AP8158294 upper big angle bar AP8158151 upper big angle bar AP8158265 upper big angle bar AP8158280 upper big angle bar AP8158266 upper small angle bar AP8158281 upper small angle bar AP8158158 upper small angle bar AP8158203 upper small angle bar AP8158295 upper small angle bar AP8158152 upper small angle bar AP8129324 seat cushion, black AP8129322 seat cushion. grey AP8129326 seat cushion, grey AP8129323 seat cushion, light brown
bagagedrager koffer 2002 2004 aprilia AP8178832 lugg.rack support. black AP8158927 luggage rack. black AP8121725 t bush AP8152282 screw w/ flange m6x35 AP8152299 self-locking nut m6 AP8121332 bush AP8152288 screw w/ flange AP8702101 screw m6x25 AP8702100 fixing pin AP8168024 top box, blue AP8168754 top box, green AP8168165 top box, black AP8168018 top box, black AP8168265 top box, grey AP8168039 top box, green AP8168830 top box. blue AP8158929 top box, grey AP8168264 top box, red AP8129354 seat cushion, brown AP8129353 seat cushion, grey AP8129367 seat cushion, black AP8129352 seat cushion. grey AP8104197 top box lock cpl. AP8706087 rubber spacer AP8700868 fixing pin AP8706225 shear rivet
bagagevakklap aprilia AP8148235 glove comp.door, AP8168099 glove comp.door, black AP8148760 glove comp.door, AP8168750 glove comp.door, green AP8148218 glove comp.door, grey AP8168035 glove comp.door, green AP8149074 glove comp.door, ice green AP8139267 glove comp.door, chamois AP8158995 glove comp.door. grey AP8148252 glove comp.door, AP8168193 glove comp.door, black AP8168022 glove comp.door, blue AP8148774 glove comp.door, AP8168826 glove comp.door, blue AP8158084 glove comp.door, grey AP8139270 bag holder hook AP8158996 bag holder hook. black AP8139265 glove box internal grille AP8139269 cov.. grey 890516 gasket AP8202449 clip AP8150421 self-tap screw 2,9x12 AP8152345 screw 5.5x20 AP8152351 screw 4.2x16 AP8102523 lock nut m22x1,5 AP8104584 top box lock
beenschild binnenzijde aprilia AP8139264 internal shield, chamois AP8168098 internal shield, black AP8148773 internal shield, ice AP8158994 internal shield. grey AP8148234 internal shield, AP8168749 internal shield. green AP8168034 internal shield, green AP8148759 internal shield, AP8158083 internal shield. grey AP8168825 internal shield. blue AP8148251 internal shield, AP8168021 internal shield, blue AP8149073 internal shield, ice green AP8168192 internal shield, black AP8148217 internal shield, s.grey AP8150413 self-tap screw 3,9x14 AP8150426 screw 5.5x15.9 AP8201763 screw clip d5.5
bordje en leiding aprilia AP8104380 operator's handbook-i-f-d- AP8177047 constructor dataplate AP8157034 constructor dataplate AP8157033 ece dataplate AP8177093 decal set AP8167563 decal set AP8157273 decal set AP8177572 decal set AP8177096 decal set AP8167564 decal set AP8157897 decal set AP8177052 decal set AP8157655 decal set AP8157274 decal set AP8177172 decal set AP8157657 decal set AP8157271 decal set AP8157272 decal set AP8157720 decal set AP8177560 decal set AP8157663 decal set AP8177570 decal set AP8147559 cee dataplate

Servicing my Aprilia Scarabeo 125-150-200 Motore Rotax 15

Your Aprilia Scarabeo 125-150-200 Motore Rotax 15 well maintained means saving money! We have set up a special page for products that can extend the life of your engine. Products such as brakes, brake discs, air filters and lubricants can be found here! We also have an extensive range of accessories for the Aprilia Scarabeo 125-150-200 Motore Rotax 15. Do you want to start your upcoming motorcycle ride right? Then take a look at our range of accessories and parts for the maintenance of your motorcycle!

Curious about all products and accessories? View them by clicking the button below. There you will find a complete overview of relevant articles for your Aprilia Scarabeo 125-150-200 Motore Rotax 15.

Curious about all products for this motorcycle?

Have a look at the list of all parts available for this motorcycle. This list also includes maintenance items, fluids and accessories. These products cannot be found via the technical drawings, because they are not standard on the engine. Curious about what we can deliver for your motorcycle? Then click on the button below!
Take a look at our all our parts for the Aprilia Scarabeo 125-150-200 Motore Rotax 15 1999 - 2003. In addition to the original Aprilia parts, PartsRepublik has also selected the best maintenance parts for your Aprilia Scarabeo 125-150-200 Motore Rotax 15 1999 - 2003. Please note, the image of the model may be wrong. Please let us know if this is the case. All of the items below will fit on the Aprilia Scarabeo 125-150-200 Motore Rotax 15 1999 - 2003.

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