Order all the Aprilia Scarabeo 125-150-200 Motore Rotax (15) 1999 - 2003 parts here:

All original and replacement parts for your Aprilia.

Take a look at our all our parts for the Aprilia Scarabeo 125-150-200 Motore Rotax (15) 1999 - 2003. In addition to the original Aprilia parts, PartsRepublik has also selected the best maintenance parts for your Aprilia Scarabeo 125-150-200 Motore Rotax (15) 1999 - 2003. Please note, the image of the model may be wrong. Please let us know if this is the case. All of the items below will fit on the Aprilia Scarabeo 125-150-200 Motore Rotax (15) 1999 - 2003.
All original and replacement parts for your Aprilia Scarabeo  125-150-200  Motore Rotax (15) 1999 - 2003.

All original and replacement parts for your Aprilia.

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Carburettor aprilia AP8144112 INTAKE HOSE AP8120246 HOSE CLAMP D=60-80 AP8134571 HOSE FIXING SUPPORT 254485 Clip M6 AP8101595 Hose clamp D10,1 896544 FUEL PIPE 5.5X10 AP8152277 Screw w/ flange M6x12 AP8106553 Carburettor AP8106939 Carburettor AP0267132 CARBURETTOR FLANGE AP8102700 HOSE CLAMP 40-60 H9 AP8104045 HOSE CLAMP AP0251052 Hose clamp with spacer 45
Carburateurcomponenten aprilia AP8106656 NEEDLE VALVE AP8124834 HEATER KIT AP8106662 Nozzle AP8106653 NEEDLE VALVE AP8106652 MAIN JET AP8121391 Pin AP8152372 Screw AP8106655 Float AP8106654 IDLE JET AP8144261 BELLOWS AP8152369 Screw AP8144264 FLOAT CHAMBER GASKET AP8152371 FLOAT CHAMBER UNLOAD SCREW AP8104058 Hose clip AP8144263 RUBBER PIPE AP8106651 Diaphgram pump AP8121390 Spring AP8144262 Gasket AP8106650 Cover AP8152370 Screw
Carburateurcomponenten aprilia AP8106661 DIAPHRAGM AP8144265 RUBBER PIPE AP8106659 JET NEEDLE AP8106660 METERING ROD LOCK AP8121392 Spring AP8106658 Cover AP8152373 Screw CM151702 ADJUSTER SCREW 828829 ADJUSTER SCREW AP8121393 Spring AP8152375 Washer AP8123900 O-ring AP8106939 Carburettor AP8106553 Carburettor
Carburateurcomponenten aprilia AP8106667 Plate cpl. AP8144260 ADJ.MIN.ENG.SPEED KNOB AP8152366 Screw AP8121389 Spring AP8152368 Plain washer AP8106663 STARTER VALVE COVER AP8106665 CHOKE VALVE AP8106664 Plate AP8152374 Screw with washer AP8152367 ADJ.MIN.ENG.SPEED SCREW
CRANKCASE aprilia AP0232621 BEARING 6003-2RS AP0232293 BEARING 6302-C3 AP0932421 Ball bearing AP0930900 OIL SEAL 30X52X7 AP0260297 Sleeve crankcase AP0241660 PLUG M14X1.5 AP0650350 O-RING 14X3.2 AP0841921 PLUG M12X1.5 AP0250640 GASKET RING 12X18 AP0256451 OIL FILTER AP0211500 OIL FILTER COVER AP0430920 O-ring AP0840880 HEX SOCKET SCREW M6X30 AP0650182 Gasket AP0241501 HEX SOCKET SCREW M6X80 AP0297434 LOCTITE ANTI SEIZE 50ML.15378 AP0230415 Gasket ring 6x10 AP0840880 HEX SOCKET SCREW M6X30 AP0240371 HEX SOCKET SCREW M6X60 AP0432680 BALL 8.5 MM AP0239280 COMPRESSION SPRING 13.5 AP0256483 OIL PRESS VALVE BODY AP0430622 GASKET RING 16X22 AP0640455 Cover
CRANKCASE aprilia AP0295941 Crankcase assy AP0233710 BEARING HALF-SHELL 32X36X18 AP0233712 BEARING HALF-SHELL 32X36X18 AP0233715 Bearing half-shell 32x36x18 AP0233717 BEARING HALF-SHELL 32X36X18 AP0632010 PIN M8X12 AP0929650 PIN 5X10 AP0229301 PIN M6X50 AP0224265 PIPE AP0440193 HEX SOCKET SCREW M8X16 AP0950141 GASKET RING 8X13 AP0831177 OIL SEAL 25X52X7 AP0640240 STUD BOLT 8X151-12.9 AP0297433 Molykote G-N 50gr. AP0899788 LOCTITE (GREEN) 648 5GR. AP0899784 LOCTITE (ORANGE) 574
CYLINDER aprilia AP0650165 Gasket AP0223970 Cylinder with piston Nikasil AP0613396 CYLINDER WITH SLEEVE AP0929650 PIN 5X10 AP0267132 CARBURETTOR FLANGE AP0251052 Hose clamp with spacer 45 AP0236490 CHAIN TENSIONER ASSY. AP0236253 CHAIN TENSIONER ASSY. AP0239015 SPRING 16.9 AP0238100 SPRING 47.5 AP0552276 SCREW M18X1.5X10 AP0552280 Gasket AP0297433 Molykote G-N 50gr.
CYLINDER HEAD aprilia AP0650170 Gasket AP0613110 CYLINDER HEAD ASSY. AP0253811 VALVE GUIDE AP0240366 STUD BOLT M8X50 AP0842616 NUT M8 AP0241481 Hex socket screw M6x90 AP0840880 HEX SOCKET SCREW M6X30 AP0650300 THERMOSTAT GASKET AP0222470 THERMOSTAT COVER AP0941950 Screw AP0650255 GASKET 5.5/11/1 AP0241841 HEX SOCKET SCREW AP0927571 WASHER D14 AP0211521 VALVES COVER AP0256500 OIL SEPARATOR AP0650230 VALVE COVER GASKET AP0241930 HEX SOCKET SCREW M6X20 AP0265450 TEMPERATURE GAUGE AP0297433 Molykote G-N 50gr. AP0897651 LOCTITE (BLUE) 243 10CC. AP0297386 SILASTIC 732 RTV 100 GR. AP0927837 SPACER 20.5X30
Engine aprilia AP8139249 VARIATOR AIR INTAKE 254485 Clip M6 AP8121075 T BUSH AP8168045 VARIATOR AIR INTAKE GRID AP8106842 Engine, complete 120 S AP8106601 Engine 120S AP8102576 2-WAY UNION AP8201169 Hose clip D22x8,6* AP8120977 OIL BREATHER PIPE AP8201409 HOSE CLIP 290X8.9 AP8134167 BRAKE HOSE HANGER AP8120657 HOSE CLAMP 896544 FUEL PIPE 5.5X10 AP8152279 Screw w/ flange M6x20 AP8152299 SELF-LOCKING NUT M6 31088 counter support vespa s piaggio orig 654298 AP8121889 CABLE-GUIDE AP8120802 CABLE-GUIDE AP8168213 Crank-case cover AP8158477 CRANK-CASE COVER AP8144547 FRONT SLIDE PIECE AP8144548 Rear slide piece AP8117202 Insulator AP8121593 T bush AP8150450 WASHER FOR SHAFTS D5 AP8150045 HEX SOCKET SCREW M6X55 AP8102504 RUBBER SPACER
RADIATOR aprilia AP8202209 Water cooler AP8134485 Water cooler support AP8150430 Low self-locking nut 31088 counter support vespa s piaggio orig 654298 AP8152299 SELF-LOCKING NUT M6 AP8124855 FAN. CPL. 254485 Clip M6 AP8112939 THERMAL SWITCH AP8121837 ALUMINIUM WASHER AP8120405 RUBBER SPACER AP8120275 SILENT-BLOCK 31088 counter support vespa s piaggio orig 654298
TRANSMISION aprilia AP0927470 Thrust washer AP0220635 Intermediate shaft AP0220345 Drive shaft Z=17 AP0220645 Drive shaft AP0635070 Drive shaft gear Z=68 AP0650205 Gasket AP0211492 Transmission cover AP0930268 OIL SEAL 20X35X7 AP0232768 BEARING 6205-C3 AP0232293 BEARING 6302-C3 AP0840880 HEX SOCKET SCREW M6X30 AP0297434 LOCTITE ANTI SEIZE 50ML.15378 AP0927055 Thrust washer 15,2/30/1 AP0220640 Drive shaft, no thrust washer


Fuel tank-seat aprilia AP8139256 FUEL TANK AP8102408 FUEL PUMP AP8144187 FUEL COLLECTOR RUBBER AP8201757 FUEL FILLER CAP AP8104251 OIL BREATHER VALVE AP8120116 3-WAY UNION AP8101595 Hose clamp D10,1 254485 Clip M6 AP8150204 NUT M4 AP8124512 FUEL LEVEL SENSOR AP8152306 SELF-LOCKING NUT M5 896544 FUEL PIPE 5.5X10 AP8134526 Plate AP8152280 Screw w/ flange M6x25 AP8150015 Washer 6,6x18x1,6* AP8152299 SELF-LOCKING NUT M6 AP8104071 UNION CPL. 577557 FASTENING CLAMP AP8101770 HOSE CLIP D8X5.5 AP8101944 2-WAY UNION AP8220402 PIPE 5X9
CENTER STAND aprilia AP8146613 Centerstand AP8146693 CENTRAL STAND AP8134321 CENTRAL STAND PLATE AP8121932 CENTRAL STAND FIXING SCREW AP8150466 BELLEVILLE SPRING AP8152301 Self-locking nut 254485 Clip M6 AP8152326 NUT M6 AP8144487 STAND END STOP AP8221204 Lateral stand spring AP8121937 SPRING COUPLING SCREW AP8152286 Screw w/ flange M8x20 AP8150016 Washer 6,6x18x1,6 AP8120855 CENTRAL STAND SPRING PROT. AP8146213 Lateral stand AP8120338 LATERAL STAND ROLLER AP8121012 SPACER AP8121014 COIL PULL SPRING AP8121876 SPRING FIXING PLATE AP8144152 RUBBER SPACER AP8152299 SELF-LOCKING NUT M6 AP8152001 Low nut M10x1,25 AP8152281 Screw w/ flange M6x30 AP8152295 LATERAL STAND SCREW
Slotset aprilia 113007308 AP8102841 LOCK KIT 113007308 AP8104613 APRILIA KEY W/OUT TRANSPO. AP8102523 Lock nut M22x1,5 AP8104584 TOP BOX LOCK AP8124620 Main switch - steering lock AP8102944 COMMUTATOR CAP AP8152140 SHEAR RIVET M6X17 AP8102945 SADDLE LOCK AP8114381 LOCK CABLE AP8152277 Screw w/ flange M6x12 AP8121075 T BUSH 31088 counter support vespa s piaggio orig 654298 AP8104598 Scarabeo key w/out transpo.
FENDER aprilia AP8126765 Front mudguard, AP8126884 Front mudguard, grey AP8156011 Front mudguard, black AP8126764 Front mudguard, AP8126952 FRONT MUDGUARD. GREY AP8156064 FRONT MUDGUARD. GREEN AP8126831 FRONT MUDGUARD. CHIPS BLUE AP8126950 FRONT MUDGUARD. RED AP8156021 Front mudguard, red AP8126954 Front mudguard, gold AP8126830 Front mudguard, Ap. black AP8126953 Front mudguard, blue AP8156071 FRONT MUDGUARD. BLUE AP8126635 Front mudguard, chamois AP8126855 Front mudguard, ice green AP8156005 Front mudguard, green AP8126763 Front mudguard, s.grey AP8126951 Front mudguard, green AP8156022 Front mudguard, grey AP8139605 FRONT SHIELD LOCKUP AP8156002 LH HUB COVER. GREY AP8126638 LH HUB COVER. GREY AP8126637 RH HUB COVER. GREY AP8156001 RH HUB COVER. GREY AP8134489 Front mudguard connect. AP8139727 Mudguard protection AP8201763 SCREW CLIP D5.5 AP8152345 SCREW 5.5X20 31088 counter support vespa s piaggio orig 654298 AP8120001 RUBBER SPACER AP8150426 SCREW 5.5X15.9 AP8121096 T BUSH 8.2X12X4 AP8152289 Screw w/ flange AP8144240 CABLE-GUIDE
HANDLEBAR aprilia AP8102835 RH REARVIEW MIRROR AP8104491 RH REARVIEW MIRROR AP8102836 LH REARVIEW MIRROR AP8104492 LH REARVIEW MIRROR AP8118479 Handlebar AP8201764 SCREW CLIP D5.5 AP8150277 HEX SOCKET SCREW M8X50 AP8150431 LOW NUT M8 AP8150020 Washer 10,5x21x2* AP8150088 HEX SOCKET SCREW M10X70 AP8152301 Self-locking nut AP8144402 MIRROR RUBBER AP8104384 H.BARS ANTI.V WEIGHT AP8144600 RH SLIDE PIECE AP8144555 LH SLIDE PIECE AP8150026 NUT M6 AP8150157 HEX SOCKET SCREW M6X60 AP8150015 Washer 6,6x18x1,6* AP8104518 RH REARVIEW MIRROR AP8104519 LH REARVIEW MIRROR
Voorscherm aprilia AP8148758 Front shield, Ap. black AP8148233 FRONT SHIELD. M.RED AP8158288 FRONT SHIELD. GOLD AP8168748 Front shield, green AP8149072 Front shield, ice green AP8158246 Front shield, grey AP8168191 Front shield, red AP8148250 Front shield, AP8168824 FRONT SHIELD. BLUE AP8168097 Front shield, black AP8158195 Front shield, green AP8158180 Front shield, red AP8168033 Front shield, green AP8148216 Front shield, s.grey AP8149540 FRONT SHIELD. GREY AP8158274 Front shield, blue AP8168204 Front shield, grey AP8139261 FRONT SHIELD. CHAMOIS AP8148772 FRONT SHIELD. CH.BLUE AP8158918 RH BUMPER. BLACK AP8148423 RH BUMPER. GREY AP8158919 LH BUMPER. BLACK AP8148424 LH BUMPER. GREY AP8139273 Water cooler shield, grey AP8158997 WATER COOLER SHIELD. BLACK AP8149553 Water cooler shield, grey AP8150444 SELF-TAPPING SCREW AP8152302 Screw w/ flange M5x12 AP8102504 RUBBER SPACER AP8150450 WASHER FOR SHAFTS D5 AP8202449 Clip
FRONT WHEEL aprilia AP8108971 Front wheel, grey AP8108920 Front wheel AP8125767 FRONT WHEEL SPINDLE AP8139686 Front spoke cover AP8125810 Screw AP8113697 FRONT BRAKE DISC D.260 AP8152288 Screw w/ flange AP8125743 GASKET RING D40X50X4 AP8120865 DRIVE KEY AP8102845 ODOMETER GEAR AP8225280 SPACER AP8120621 Oil seal AP8125812 BEARING 15X42X13 AP8125811 SPACER AP8201546 TUBELESS TYRE VALVE 1982497
WIND SCREEN aprilia AP8791254 Windscreen cpl. Big AP8791071 Windscreen cpl. Big AP8791072 Windscreen w/out support Big AP8791077 Windscreen cpl. Sport AP8791078 Windscreen w/out support Sport AP8791081 HANDGUARDS. PAIR
Zijbeplating aprilia AP8126639 Rear fairing, chamois AP8168207 Rear fairing, grey AP8149552 Rear fairing, m.grey AP8158284 Rear fairing, gold AP8148240 Rear fairing, AP8168101 Rear fairing, grey AP8148779 REAR FAIRING. CH.BLUE AP8158253 Rear fairing, grey AP8168753 Rear fairing, green AP8158206 Rear fairing, green AP8148765 REAR FAIRING. AP. BLACK AP8168090 Rear fairing, grey AP8168038 Rear fairing, green AP8148257 Rear fairing, AP8158187 Rear fairing, red AP8168196 Rear fairing, red AP8149079 Rear fairing, ice green AP8158270 Rear fairing, blue AP8168829 Rear fairing, blue AP8148223 Rear fairing, s.grey AP8150413 Self-tap screw 3,9x14 AP8201763 SCREW CLIP D5.5 AP8152274 SCREW W/FLANGE M5X20 AP8152345 SCREW 5.5X20
REAR WHEEL aprilia AP8152244 DAX FLANGE NUT M14X1.5 1982499 AP8108949 Rear wheel AP8108972 Rear wheel AP8201546 TUBELESS TYRE VALVE AP8113541 BRAKE DISC D220 AP8125810 Screw AP8152288 Screw w/ flange AP8121335 REAR WHEEL SPACER AP8139687 Rear spoke cover AP8149308 Rear spoke cover
rear suspension linkage aprilia AP8123795 Shock absorber AP8144259 RUBBER SPACER AP8121388 Bush AP8150292 CURVED SPRING WASHER AP8150329 HEX SOCKET SCREW AP8152176 Washer 10,5X18X2* AP8121402 SHOCK ABSORBER BUSH AP8150436 LOW SELF-LOCKING NUT M10 AP8150494 SCREW W/FLANGE M10X1.25


HEADLIGHT aprilia AP8124790 Screw AP8124770 INOX SELF TAPPING SCREW AP8124771 Screw AP8124791 Square nut AP8124772 LH Front turn ind.harness AP8124773 RH Front turn ind.harness AP8127131 TURN INDICATOR LENS AP8127130 TURN INDICATOR LENS AP8124776 RUBBER SPACER AP8124777 ANTI-CONDENSATE RUBBER AP8124778 Square nut AP8124779 Headlight wiring w/harness AP8127411 Painted ring nut AP8163201 CHROMED RING NUT AP8124780 CHROMED RING NUT AP8124781 HEADLIGHT UNIT. COMPLETE AP8124783 Gasket AP8124784 Wiring clip AP8127132 LH FRONT TURN INDICATOR AP8127412 LH front turn indicator AP8127375 LH FRONT TURN INDICATOR AP8127133 RH FRONT TURN INDICATOR AP8127413 RH front turn indicator AP8127376 RH front turn indicator AP8224209 LAMPHOLDER AP8124787 HEADLIGHT CAP. CHR. AP8127377 HEADLIGHT CAP. CHR. AP8127414 Painted headlight cap AP8124788 ADJUSTER SCREW AP8124504 HEADLIGHT AP8127398 Headlight AP8127332 Headlight 292723 LAMP H4 12V-60/55W 292022 LAMP 12V-5W 181746 LAMP 12V-10W
STARTER MOTOR aprilia AP0634460 IDLE GEAR Z=54/17 AP0247930 SPACER 10/17/11.2 AP0265630 COIL ECU (GREEN) AP0265419 HT coil AP0265242 SPARKPLUG CAP 106487 AP0297921 SPARK PLUG CR8EVX 106487 AP0296390 STARTER MOTOR AP0241930 HEX SOCKET SCREW M6X20 AP0297434 LOCTITE ANTI SEIZE 50ML.15378 AP0897330 LITHIUM-BASE GREASE 250GR.
TAILLIGHT aprilia AP8127380 LENS+NUMBER PLATE LIGHT KIT AP8124790 Screw AP8124791 Square nut AP8124792 SELF-TAP SCREW AP8127400 TAILLIGHT CAP. P.GREY AP8127415 Taillight cap, AP8124794 RH Rear turn ind.harness AP8124795 LH REAR TURN IND.HARNESS AP8124796 TAILLIGHT WIRING HARN. AP8127380 LENS+NUMBER PLATE LIGHT KIT AP8127135 REAR RH TURN INDICATOR AP8127416 Rear RH turn indicator AP8127378 Rear RH turn indicator AP8127379 Rear LH turn indicator AP8127417 Rear LH turn indicator AP8127134 REAR LH TURN INDICATOR AP8127131 TURN INDICATOR LENS AP8127130 TURN INDICATOR LENS AP8124802 HEADLIGHT UNIT. COMPLETE AP8127399 Taillight AP8127093 TAILLIGHT AP8127333 Taillight 129953 LAMP 12V-21/5W 292022 LAMP 12V-5W 181746 LAMP 12V-10W AP8127380 LENS+NUMBER PLATE LIGHT KIT

Other / Not classified

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aprilia AP8149325 Pillar hinge, black AP8148762 Pillar hinge, AP8148220 Pillar hinge, grey AP8149076 Pillar hinge, ice green AP8148254 Pillar hinge, AP8139257 Pillar hinge, chamois AP8148776 Pillar hinge, AP8148237 Pillar hinge, AP8129347 Saddle complete, grey/black AP8129360 Saddle complete, black AP8129390 Saddle complete, grey/blue AP8129280 Saddle complete, black AP8129382 SADDLE COMPLETE BLACK AP8129340 Saddle complete, grey/blue AP8129388 Saddle complete, grey AP8129238 Saddle complete, red AP8129314 Saddle complete, grey AP8129313 SADDLE COMPLETE. GREY AP8129387 Saddle complete, grey AP8129339 Saddle complete, grey/black AP8129286 Saddle complete, brown AP8129336 SADDLE COMPLETE BLACK AP8129383 SADDLE COMPLETE BLACK AP8129499 SADDLE COMPLETE BLACK AP8126782 sella completa marro AP8129309 SADDLE COMPLETE BLACK AP8129342 Saddle complete, brown/green AP8129359 Saddle complete, black AP8129389 Saddle complete, grey/blue AP8129350 Rear saddle, grey/blue AP8129399 Rear saddle, blue/grey AP8129289 Rear saddle, black AP8129358 Rear saddle, grey/black AP8129348 Rear saddle, grey AP8129368 Rear saddle, black AP8129397 Rear saddle, black AP8129317 Rear saddle, grey AP8129228 Rear saddle, red AP8129357 Rear saddle, grey AP8129288 Rear saddle, brown AP8129398 Rear saddle, grey AP8129369 Rear saddle, black AP8129349 Rear saddle, grey/black AP8129315 Rear saddle, light brown AP8129268 Rear saddle, brown AP8129351 Rear saddle, brown/green AP8121333 SADDLE SPIN AP8152299 SELF-LOCKING NUT M6 AP8201643 SPLIT PIN AP8220349 RUBBER SPACER AP8221023 T BUSH AP8152140 SHEAR RIVET M6X17 31088 counter support vespa s piaggio orig 654298 AP8121075 T BUSH

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aprilia AP8168032 Handlebar cover, green AP8148232 Handlebar cover, AP8158194 Handlebar cover, green AP8139259 Handlebar cover, chamois AP8148757 HANDLEBAR COVER. AP.BLACK AP8158027 Handlebar cover, grey AP8149071 Handlebar cover, ice green AP8158178 HANDLEBAR COVER. RED AP8158287 Handlebar cover, gold AP8168747 Handlebar cover, green AP8168190 Handlebar cover, black AP8168088 Handlebar cover, grey AP8168823 HANDLEBAR COVER. BLUE AP8148771 Handlebar cover, AP8158029 Handlebar cover, AP8158273 Handlebar cover, blue AP8168096 Handlebar cover, grey AP8148215 Handlebar cover, s.grey AP8148249 Handlebar cover, AP8158009 HANDLEBAR COVER. AP.BLACK AP8158245 Handlebar cover, grey AP8149883 plancia fanale vern. AP8168031 Headlight support, green AP8168822 Headlight support, blue AP8149887 Headlight support, grey AP8158272 HEADLIGHT SUPPORT. BLUE AP8168095 HEADLIGHT SUPPORT. BLACK AP8148214 Headlight support, s.grey AP8158286 Headlight support gold AP8158177 Headlight support, red AP8149070 Headlight support, ice green AP8149885 Headlight support, AP8168784 Headlight support, green AP8158193 Headlight support, green AP8149726 HEADLIGHT SUPPORT. AP.BLACK AP8158244 HEADLIGHT SUPPORT. GREY AP8149884 plancia fanale vern. AP8148248 Headlight support, AP8158981 Windshield AP8139726 Windshield AP8150421 Self-tap screw 2,9x12 AP8120531 RUBBER W/ INSERT AP8150413 Self-tap screw 3,9x14 AP8150444 SELF-TAPPING SCREW AP8120253 SPACER AP8152302 Screw w/ flange M5x12 AP8148050 Cover AP8152270 HEX SOCKET SCREW M5X25 AP8152345 SCREW 5.5X20
Take a look at our all our parts for the Aprilia Scarabeo 125-150-200 Motore Rotax (15) 1999 - 2003. In addition to the original Aprilia parts, PartsRepublik has also selected the best maintenance parts for your Aprilia Scarabeo 125-150-200 Motore Rotax (15) 1999 - 2003. Please note, the image of the model may be wrong. Please let us know if this is the case. All of the items below will fit on the Aprilia Scarabeo 125-150-200 Motore Rotax (15) 1999 - 2003.

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