kawasaki, 410090167 01 tire,fr,70/100-17 40m,ix, 410090168 01 tire,rr,90/100-14 49m,ix, 410220027 01 tube-tire,70/100-17, 410220028 01 tube-tire,90/100-14, 410230011 01 band-rim,70/100-17, 410230012 01 band-rim,90/100-14, 41024010 protector,bead 1.60a klx250-a2, 410250354WA 01 rim,rr,1.60x14,silver, 410250422WA 01 rim,fr,1.40x17,silver, 410290041 01 spoke-inner,fr,rh,187mmx1, 410290042 01 spoke-inner,fr,lh,183mmx1, 410290043 01 spoke-inner,rr,157mmx170d, 410300013 01 spoke-outer,rr,rh,149mmx1, 410300014 01 spoke-outer,rr,lh,153mmx1, 410320010 nipple-spoke klx125caf, 410900053WA 01 wheel,fr,1.40x17,silver, 410900055WA 01 wheel,rr,1.60x14,silver

All parts for the 26 Tires of the Kawasaki KLX 140 2018

Here you can find all the spareparts that belong on the 26 Tires of your Kawasaki KLX 140 2018.

All parts for the 26 Tires of the Kawasaki KLX 140 2018
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#41024 41024010 Protector,bead 1.60a Kawasaki 41024010

Protector,bead 1.60a Kawasaki 41024010

€ 61,55 3 - 15 Business days
#41032 410320010 Nipple-spoke Kawasaki 410320010

Nipple-spoke Kawasaki 410320010

€ 2,72 3 - 15 Business days

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The technical drawing shows all original parts for the 26 Tires of the Kawasaki KLX 140 2018. By clicking in the list you go directly to the articles belonging to the reference number. These items can be original Kawasaki items, but they can also be replacement aftermarket items, which are suitable for the 26 Tires. These articles of course also fit on the Kawasaki KLX 140 2018, but serve as a cheaper alternative than the original parts of Kawasaki.

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