All original and replacement parts for your Vespa Vespa Primavera 150 4T 3V Iget ABS EU 2016.

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All original and replacement parts for your Vespa.

Take a look at our all our parts for the Vespa Vespa Primavera 150 4T 3V Iget ABS EU 2016. In addition to the original Vespa parts, PartsRepublik has also selected the best maintenance parts for your Vespa Vespa Primavera 150 4T 3V Iget ABS EU 2016. Please note, the image of the model may be wrong. Please let us know if this is the case. All of the items below will fit on the Vespa Vespa Primavera 150 4T 3V Iget ABS EU 2016.

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AIR FILTER vespa 1A007261 luftfiltergeh?use 258146 self-tap screw m3x20 B018070 filtering element B018071 packing B018204 knob 479132 knob 830056 bush 1A001516 knurled bushing 1A001692 intake pipe CM001913 hose clamp 1A003866 air cleaner sleeve 614188 hose clamp 709532 hose clamp 1A000833 hose clamp CM001913 hose clamp 018640 screw 012533 notched washer 6,6x11x0 006125 washer 254485 clip m6 1B000247 intake chamber 1B000248 intake pipe CM179202 screw 254485 clip m6 CM179301 screw m6x16 672660 intake hose 257134 hose clamp 675421 gasket CM001904 hose clamp
CRANKCASE vespa CM2716030B no description available CM2716030A no description available B018059 nozzle B015956 pin d.9.5 h=15 411311 plug m12x1.5x11 B015433 plug m12x1.5x11 880706 calibrated nozzle B015957 locating dowel 83027R radial bearing 20x50x14 83026R radial bearing 15x42x13 1A001406 stud bolt 486081 silent-block 431065 gasket B015959 circlip 25x26.9x1.2 1A003826 gasket ring 22x35x7 1A005834 gasket ring 22x35x7 876646 ring container lamination 008375 screw m6x14 B015432 oil pressure adjusting valve B016425 screw w/flange m6x60 875111 gasket B015429 gasket 830061 screw w/ flange B014134 oil bulhead B014135 upper oil bulkhead B015431 valve spring B015430 filter door insert
Crankcase cover - Crankcase cooling vespa 1A0068495 getriebedeckel 1A006924 getriebedeckel 1A0069246 getriebedeckel B015956 pin d.9.5 h=15 4789853 radial bearing 15x35x11 006635 snap ring 414838 screw m6x35 1C001520 hose clamp 844964 hose clamp 1A006851 deckel 1A006923 dichtung B016455 hex socket screw m5x14 1B001009 bellows 257134 hose clamp 1A007578 deckel 1A006921 deckel 1A007578 deckel 871458 rubber sleeve
CRANKSHAFT vespa 1A0032210B crankshaft. assy. class 2 1A0032210A crankshaft. assy. class 1
CYLINDER HEAD COVER vespa B013837 head cover 018639 screw B017488 spark plug hole gasket 1A002462 big end cover gasket 879479 big end/hood gasket B015453 oil bleed cover B016808 torx screw m5x20 1A003985 gasket 1A000842 blow-by pipe 1D000070 hose clamp CM001904 hose clamp 638853 spark plug (ngk) cr8eb 1A000763 exhaust side hood 58273R temperature gauge 1A004169 intake side hood 259577 screw 828583 washer
Cylinder-piston-wrist pin unit vespa 1A0007670D complete piston cat.d 1A0007670A complete piston cat.a 1A0007670C complete piston cat.c 1A0007670B complete piston cat.b 1A002865R piston pin B015602 circlip B017548 compression ring 1° cava B017549 compression ring 2° cava B017550 compression ring 3° cava 1A000770 cylinder - piston - pin - parts- rings assembly B015441 crankcase/cylinder gasket 0.4 mm B015443 cylinder base gasket 0.8 mm 875114 cylinder base gasket 0.8 mm B015442 cylinder base gasket 0.6 mm 875113 cylinder base gasket 0.6 mm
Driven pulley vespa CM167103 riemenscheibe CM167104 riemenscheibe B017979 complete fixed driven half-pulley 006628 snap ring B014169 roller cage 22x29x18 880512 ball bearing B017974 complete movable half-driven pulley 289950 gasket ring B013304 variator spring 431091 roller 880539 pulley side cap 880543 clutch side cap CM167202 kupplungbacken CM167206 kupplungbacken 289840 gasket 880540 sliding washer 880541 spring seat 289955 ring nut B014466 pin 274246 flat washer 22x12,1x1 B016992 nut B017265 kupplungstrommel 1A004103 kupplungstrommel
Driving pulley vespa 876921 fixed driving half pulley 880950 belleville spring 486324 nut 831363 plain washer 840533 flat washer 12.1x36x2 B016183 v-belt CM257703 complete roller housing B017219 sliding block B019236 roller complete 485710 clip 483889 spacer
Engine, assembly vespa CM1628395 motor150 3v e4 i-get v. CM1628345 motor 150 3v e4 lem v. p 1R000309 cylinder gasket kit 1R000310 kit guarnizioni completo
Flywheel magneto cover - Oil filter vespa 826165 oil filter plug 285536 o-ring 31,47x1,78 B015454 intake oil filter 288474 o-ring 20,35x1,78 82635R oil filter B015455 special screw 1D001138 sensor 641541 sensor 267958 self tapping screw AP9150472 washer 10,5x17x1,5 287913 oil pump gear B016426 screw w/flange m6x14 436695 belleville spring 015585 screw m5x12 1A003745 complete flywheel side duct B015908 bushing 1A003115 hex socket screw m5x25 1A000621 oil dipstick 479986 o-ring 003055 plain washer 5,4x10x0,8 8798545 complete flywheel cover 1A005835 gasket ring 14x28x7 1A003827 gasket ring 14x28x7 877671 flywheel housing cover gasket B016792 screw w/ flange m6x30 414838 screw m6x35 B016775 screw w/flange m6x50 B016776 screw w/flange m6x90
Head unit - Valve vespa 1A007037R cylinder head assembly 434716 gasket 435629 stud bolt 842360 plug m6x10 B013833 upper cap 483711 cup B019320 valve. in Ø 20 B013716 exaust valve Ø22 879456 ext. valve spring B015484 half-cone 436438 valve gasket ring 843307 cup 1A000174 cylinder head gasket 411296 nut 435571 locating dowel 277916 locating dowel B017150 screw w/flange m6x110
OIL PUMP vespa 82948R oil pump assembly B015460 oil pump/crankcase gasket 829593 screw w/ flange B013437 pan oil B014152 sump gasket B016792 screw w/ flange m6x30 1C001517 hose clamp 487937 plain washer B014598 torx screw m5x12 277916 locating dowel B015450 oil seal washer B015451 o-ring seal ring 1A003586R camshaft chain 82782R timing chain pinion B015459 oil pump chain 82783R oil pump control pinion 289919 chain tensioner bracket B015444 cylinder/chain tensioner gasket B016777 screw w/flange m6x16 B015445 chain tensioner rod spacer B016774 screw w/flange m6x25 1A000796 chain tensioner rod 879459 chain tensioner sliding block 1A0033175 cover 434345 oil pump chain drift 1A005743 gasket ring 24.35.7 B015449 o-ring seal ring
Reduction unit vespa 1A0058715 reducer cover with i.p. 83056R radial bearing 25x52x15 1A005346R bearing 25x52x15 B015623 gasket ring 35x47x7 006652 snap ring B016772 screw w/flange m8x35 B016456 reduction unit cover gasket CM002908 hose clamp B018670 reduction unit breather pipe assembly 1A005429 scheibenwelle (z=14) B0169605 driven pulley shaft z=15 B017168 driven pulley shaft z=15 1A0017735 transmission shaft 4858915 transmission shaft 1A006835 vorgelegezahnrad 1A0017725 hinterrad achse 1A0017705 rear wheel axle with u.p. 485703 washer 269755 hex socket screw m8x12 1A001623 flanged hexagon head screw B016772 screw w/flange m8x35 1A000004 dust gaiter cover 1A001437 plate 1A004858 b?el
Rocking levers support unit vespa 1A003237R rocker arm inlet 1A003238R rocker arm exhaust B014047 rocker arms axis 1A0037710B camshaft cpl. B0179575 camshaft cpl. 1A0037710A nockenwelle kplt. 1A0037710B camshaft cpl. 1A0037710C nockenwelle kplt. 83029R radial bearing 12x28x8 83030R radial bearing 25x42x9 B018675 timing system gear 831320 tse screw 1A003919 tse screw B013836 camshaft plate B017933 decompressor plate B016474 screw CM266203 schleudermassen CM266201 schleudermassen CM266202 schleudermassen 1A002565 decompression counterweight B014903 decompression spring
Silencer vespa 1A0063655 no description available 1A006767 hitzeschutz 842908 screw m5x10 1C001493 screw m5x10 844927 flat washer 841782 fairlead 872997 hex socket screw m8x55 709012 washer 834187 spring washer 436947 nut 584344 lamda sensor l. 325 mm
Throttle body - Injector - Union pipe vespa 58282R throttle body cpl. 1A007986 ansaugstutzen 1A003907 ansaugstutzen 1A007986 ansaugstutzen 1A003750 gasket 828152 screw 830487 screw 8799715 injector complete with connection 1A003914 tube support bracket 1A003001 screw w/flange 1A002368 throttle body hose 709532 hose clamp 1A000833 hose clamp 614188 hose clamp
Transmissions vespa 1C002832 bremsseil 1C002490 bremsseil 1C002832 bremsseil 179640 pin 270310 registro freno posteriore 1C001736 plate 709674 hex socket screw m6x20 1C000589 wiring clip 257134 hose clamp 145298 hose clamp 298729 hose clamp CM013202 pipes/cables retainer spring 648891 hose clamp 015911 screw CM017408 plate 217280 hose clamp CM006903 fairlead


Brakes pipes - Calipers (ABS) vespa CM068301 brake caliper (heng tong) 647078 brake pads 666139 brake supp. plate pin 319532 screw 709047 spring washer 1C002557 steuerger? abs 1C000431 control unit sup. bracket CM179301 screw m6x16 254485 clip m6 015856 screw m5x21 1C000870 spacer 939278 drift 675510 hose clamp 006976 spring washer 020106 nut m6 1C000330 abs unit - right brake pump pipe 127927 gasket 265451 oil pipe screw 1C001023R front clamp abs unit pipe 127927 gasket 265451 oil pipe screw 1C000585 wiring clip 254485 clip m6 274369 bolt
Central cover - Footrests vespa 67361200T8 mittelkonsole 67361200XN2 painted footrest 67361200DE painted footrest 67361200R7 painted footrest 67361200BR painted footrest 67361200MD painted footrest 67361200T9 fu?raumabdeckung 67361200YR5 fu?raumabdeckung 67361200EZ center console CM178608 self tapping screw d4.2x29 CM017408 plate CM178601 self tapping screw d4.2x16 673622 central mat CM178601 self tapping screw d4.2x16 CM017410 clip 675052000C left-hand passenger footrest 675053000C right-hand passenger footrest CM179302 metric screw m6x22 254485 clip m6 D9004468091 gripper clip 673641 side beading dx 673640 side beading sx 297498 screw 013836 washer 673623 kit strips. footboard 67361900YR5 deckel f. inspektion zun 67361900MD painted spark plug inspection cover 67361900DE painted spark plug inspection cover 67361900DK deckel f. inspektion zun 67361900R7 painted spark plug inspection cover 67361900XN2 painted spark plug inspection cover 67361900T9 deckel f. inspektion zun 67361900T8 klappe 67361900BR painted spark plug inspection cover CM178603 self tapping screw d4.2x13 199190 expansion plug
Driving mirror/s vespa CM261901 lh rearview mirror 012538 washer 016604 washer CM261902 rh rearview mirror 012538 washer 016604 washer
Fork/steering tube - Steering bearing unit vespa 1C0003975 no description available 6483975 left suspension arm 198513 siehe 137146 nadellager 119219 gasket ring 006731 gasket 177451 piston pin 0111094 steering tube ring nut 0037514 washer of the steering 650693 upper thrust ring 650075 lower steering bearing 1C001164 copertura posteriore anteriore CM179302 metric screw m6x22 969224 nut 1C002588R sto?d?mpfer vorne 1C002497 sto?d?mpfer vorne 1C002588R sto?d?mpfer vorne 174874 drift 601556 shock absorber connection bracket 1C000327 brake pipe support bracket 174085 drift 174088 washer 012535 washer 021210 nut 597150 screw 016408 spring washer 601026 plug 177445 washer 177408 o-ring 1C0023405 halter 1C002340 halter 1C001969 ring 177436 drawn cap 177494 ring 149104 hex socket screw m8x40 709047 spring washer 177414 washer 006422 ring 1C000110 brake disc 667152 hex socket screw m6x20 1C0000955 encoder tonrad kilometer 292500 screw 006964 spring washer 177443 gasket ring 177442 cage à rouleaux 669149 front wheel hub 177610 bearing 006635 snap ring 021114 nut 177609 cap 012789 split pin 1C000523 cover 561433 front suspension arm cover 1D0005255 abs front sensor 975805 screw 006975 washer 5,3x10x0,5 669282 flat washer
Frame/bodywork vespa 67358050T9 fahrgestell 6735805000XN2 complete body 67358050T8 fahrgestell 67358050YR5 karosserie 6735805 complete body 6735805000DE complete body 6735805000BR complete body 6735805000R7 complete body 6735805000MD complete body 298604 lock support
Front glove-box - Knee-guard panel vespa 1B003333000EZ gep?ckfachklappe 1B003333000YR5 gep?ckfach 1B003333000T8 gep?ckfach 1B003333000XN2 gep?kfach 1B003333000T9 gep?ckfachklappe 1B003333000R7 painted front top box 1B003333000DE gep?kfach 1B003333000BR gep?ckfachklappe 1B003333000MD gep?kfach 657135 plastic plug 1B0035230000C linken brusttasche 1B000588 flap CM178603 self tapping screw d4.2x13 157716 screw CM179201 metric screw m6x22 254485 clip m6 D9004468091 gripper clip 577861 lever 577400 pin 577399 spring 297275 gasket 67361800T9 gep?ckfachklappe 67361800YR5 klappe 67361800MD painted top box flap 67361800DE painted top box flap 67361800T8 gep?ckfachklappe 67361800R7 painted top box flap 67361800BR painted top box flap 67361800XN2 painted top box flap 67361800Q3 gep?ckfachklappe 252420 plate 297498 screw 577005 spring 1B003658 spring 257614 square 675478 lockup hook door 675490 plate 675489 lever assembly 299972 special screw 577620 self locking nut CM179202 screw
Front luggage rack vespa 1R000300 complete front luggage carrier B000516 piaggio name plate 1B002130 frontklappgep?ktr?er 672066 rubber sucker cup for luggage carrier 672330 gasket 013777 washer 834951 conical washer 709099 hex socket screw
Front shield vespa 1B000203000BR painted steering cover 1B000203000R7 painted steering cover 1B000203000T9 steuerrohrabdeckung 1B000203 steering column cover 1B002200000YR5 steuerrohrabdeckung 1B000203000T8 verkleidungsteil 1B000203000DE painted steering cover 1B002200000MD steuerrohrcover 1B000203000XN2 painted steering cover CM179202 screw 1B000272 upper emblem 1B000273 central emblem 1B000274 lower emblem CM178603 self tapping screw d4.2x13 199190 expansion plug 673639 right-hand shield edge 673638 left-hand shield edge 674145 central shield edge 1B001113 pad
FRONT WHEEL vespa 1C000702R front wheel 015792 screw 709047 spring washer 597679 tubeless valve 601115 pneumatico sava 668616 tyre 110/70 r11"
FUEL TANK vespa 673632 fuel tank 656022 plug 656021 tank cover gasket 620737 filler cap rubber 576546 ring nut 6405162 complete fuel pump assembly 1B000035 complete fuel pipe 680057 indicator fuel level 676200 gasket 709116 nut 006125 washer 656003 gasket 018639 screw 016406 spring washer 6,4x11,8x1 013880 flat washer 16x6,5x1,5 254485 clip m6 1B000285 spacer 1B000694 complete breather pipe CM001914 hose clamp CM013201 spring CM001914 hose clamp 097734 washer 018509 screw CM179301 screw m6x16 573918 hose clamp
Handlebars - Master cil. vespa 1B002544R lenker 673648 lenker 1B002544R lenker 668874 hex socket screw 012543 flat elastic washer with internal toothing 17x10,3x2 267917 flat washer 015330 nut CM087707 throttle control sleeve assembly 666845 grip. r.h. 666965 grip. l.h. 1C000990 gaszug schlie?en 1C000989 gaszug ?fnen CM074907 front brake hydraulic pump 497042 brake lever CM063809 kupplungsgriff 564683 rear brake control lever 123394 screw 265249 screw 267948 spring CM180701 self tapping screw d4x16 657046 spring
Handlebars coverages vespa 67364600T9 lenkerdeckel vorn 67364600XN2 upper handlebar cover 67364600DK abdeckung 67364600R7 upper handlebar cover 67364600T8 lenkerdeckel vorn 67364600YR5 lenkerdeckel vorn 67364600BR upper handlebar cover 67364600MD upper handlebar cover 67364600DE upper handlebar cover 67364700R7 handlebar lower cover 1B005469000XN2 handlebar lower cover 67364700XN2 handlebar lower cover 67364700MD handlebar lower cover 67364700T9 lenkerdeckel vorn 67364700T8 lenkerdeckel vorn 67364700DV lenkerdeckel vorn 67364700YR5 griffabdeckung 67364700DE handlebar lower cover 67364700BR handlebar lower cover 1B005469000R7 handlebar lower cover 259577 screw 265636 screw 67541300YR5 deckel l. 67541300T9 abdeckung 67541300MD lh plug 67541300BR lh plug 67541300R7 lh plug 67541300DE lh plug 67541300XN2 lh plug 67541300T8 abdeckung 67541300Q3 cover 67543100Q3 cover 67543100BR rh plug 67543100T8 abdeckung 67543100MD rh plug 67543100YR5 deckel r. 67543100T9 abdeckung 67543100R7 rh plug 67543100DE rh plug 67543100XN2 rh plug
Helmet huosing - Undersaddle vespa 673615 helmet compartment
Locks vespa 577454 cylinder with keys 656873 hewn key with transponder minda 573426 preforjado llave con trasponder giobert 298731 gasket ring 1B002609R lock body 58200R immobilizer antenna 298903 blocchetto serratura completo 298594 flat washer 298838 cylinder retainer spring 253937 spring 643132 key switch 582041 commutator cap CM013201 spring 674399 actuator support bracket B016777 screw w/flange m6x16 254485 clip m6 582990 solenoid valve 584121 hexagonal-head screw 577620 self locking nut 577128 joint 675783 saddle tightening spring actuator CM012851 actuator-lever saddle transmission 673911 saddle lock support CM023701 lock body CM179202 screw 668762 hose clamp CM012852 saddle cable
Plates - Emblems vespa 576464 shield "piaggio" 1B000942 name plate "primavera" 1B000944 vespa name plate 656219 "vespa" front label 2H001199 adhesive dataplate "i-get" 1B001078 name plate "vespa for children" 895839 """eni"" label" 1B001023 adhesive dataplate "abs" 1G000150 schild 657584 "touring" label
Rear brake - Brake jaw vespa B017604 brake lever shaft B016477 o-ring seal ring 56294R jaws coup 56294R5 jaws coup 647384 brake shoes return spring 414838 screw m6x35 B016731 brake lever 828862 square nut
Rear cover - Splash guard vespa 673629 tank cover CM179201 metric screw m6x22 676206000C rear protection 58233R reflector 58233R5 reflector 015911 screw 254485 clip m6 CM179301 screw m6x16 016670 washer 4,5x12x1 CM017409 clip d.4,2 584884 number plate holder 015996 screw 016404 flat washer 4,2x7,6x0,9 013763 flat washer 4,2x12x1 020104 nut 584877 extension 268596 screw 290315 reflector 479882 spacer 180859 plate
Rear luggage rack vespa 1B002131 rear luggage rack 623920 screw torx 012533 notched washer 6,6x11x0 013777 washer
Rear suspension - Shock absorber/s vespa 1C000579R complete rear shock absorber 178150 upper buffer 267038 flat washer 016408 spring washer 021108 nut 667872 rear shock absorber fixing bracket 268158 screw 002440 self locking nut m10 844483 hex socket screw m8x50 020008 nut
REAR WHEEL vespa 1C001115R rear wheel 11 x 2,75" 597679 tubeless valve 1R000077 rear tyre 120/70-11 m/c power puresc 668832 reifen 120/70-11"" 1C002691 reifen 120/70-11"" 601205 spacer 273099 plain washer 563728 nut m16x13 194423 cap 012789 split pin
Saddle/seats vespa 67363300C6 sitzbank 1B002191 saddle assembly 67363300C1 saddle assembly 67363300D1 sitzbank 67363300C2 saddle assembly CM179302 metric screw m6x22 577492 drift 298729 hose clamp 296456 drift B016426 screw w/flange m6x14 1C000590 tool set. standard l/jack
Side cover - Spoiler vespa 67362700T8 deckel spoiler 67362700YR5 deckel spoiler 67362700MD right-hand spoiler terminal 67362700EZ cover spoiler 67362700XN2 right-hand spoiler terminal 67362700BR right-hand spoiler terminal 67362700T9 anschluss r. 67362700R7 right-hand spoiler terminal 67362700DE right-hand spoiler terminal 1B001011000EZ cover 1B001011000T8 deckel spoiler 1B001011000MD left-hand spoiler terminal 1B001011000XN2 left-hand spoiler terminal 1B001011000YR5 deckel spoiler 1B001011000R7 left-hand spoiler terminal 1B001011000BR left-hand spoiler terminal 1B001011000T9 anschluss l. 1B001011000DE left-hand spoiler terminal 675662 spoiler cover 299559 cover 299557 cover 1B000112 cover 673634 handle 673637 plug 268596 screw CM179201 metric screw m6x22 031088 screw m6x16 012533 notched washer 6,6x11x0
Stand/s vespa 1C002176 hauptst?nder. 030115 hex screw m10x130 002440 self locking nut m10 1C001867 spacer 272426 pad 1C002702 pad 581249 outer spring 581248 inner spring
Swinging arm vespa 5A000483 complete swinging arm on frame side 1C000145R complete swinging arm on frame side 5A000483 complete swinging arm on frame side 598917 bush 5A000478 dichtungs ring 600161 roller cage 1C000503 complete swinging arm on engine side 5A000485 complete swinging arm on engine side 597317 bush 1C001341 gasket ring 56127R needle bearing 1C000439 spacer 597914 hex socket screw 266845 washer 1C000449 spacer 271740 nut 1C000440 spacer 271807 hex screw m10x202 002440 self locking nut m10 1C0005025 complete silent block support bracket 668514 silent-block 006416 circlip 1C000421 silent block cover 1C000608 hex screw 178790 flat washer 002440 self locking nut m10
Wheel huosing - Mudguard vespa 1B000947000DV schutzblech 1B000947500MD front mudguard 1B000947000MD front mudguard 1B000947000DE guardabarros delantero 1B000947500XN2 front mudguard 1B000947000XN2 front mudguard 1B000947500BR front mudguard 1B000947000BR front mudguard 1B000947000T8 schutzblech 1B000947000YR5 vorderradkotfl?gel 1B000947000R7 front mudguard 1B000947000T9 vorderradkotfl?gel CM179201 metric screw m6x22 288245 flanged nut m6 1B000042 mudguard crest 015727 self tapping screw 2,9x9,5 192598 cap 1B000796 rear mudguard CM179201 metric screw m6x22 709047 spring washer
Windshield - Glass vespa 1R000301 complete top fairing kit 1B000812 windscreen


Flywheel magneto vespa 680207 complete magneto flywheel B018108 complete freewheel rotor 680205 stator B018106 housing sheet 1A003111 tcic screw m5x10 B018105 housing sheet 000097 transmission key 841047 nut m16x1.25 B018464 belleville spring 1A003115 hex socket screw m5x25 1A003109 tccic m5x16 1A001379 fan 003058 plain washer 15x8,4x1,5 874557 flanged nut m8x1,25 B015807 flat washer
Front headlamps - Turn signal lamps vespa 680055 headlamp. assy 231215 lamp 642662 headlight frame B016796 torx convex big end screw B0167965 torx convex big end screw 006965 washer 5.3x10x10 018536 self-tap screw 3,5x13 CM017403 plate 642651 front right turn indicator 1D000261 halogen lamp 12v-6w 642650 front left turn indicator 1D000261 halogen lamp 12v-6w 192598 cap 015727 self tapping screw 2,9x9,5
Main cable harness vespa 1D001491 kabelbaum 584211 fuse holder box 293256 reed fuse 5a 252945 fuse 7,5a 292507 fuse 10a 640879 hose clamp 2.7x132 641764 hose clamp 584002 clip 657229 hose clamp 680036 support clamp 580561 fuse 20a 639560 spring for connector 667643 hose clamp CM006903 fairlead CM006908 non return spring CM006910 molletta CM006911 non return spring 1D000071 hose clamp B016777 screw w/flange m6x16 1D000080 strap 1D000081 strap 145298 hose clamp 257134 hose clamp 298729 hose clamp 231590 elastic spring 1D001378R socket usb 1D002258 socket usb 1B001591 fairlead
Meter combination-Dashbord vespa 1D001496R digital instrument group 1D000453 digital instrument group 1D001496R digital instrument group 1D000573 glass "not suppliabe" CM180701 self tapping screw d4x16
Rear headlamps - Turn signal lamps vespa 642946 taillight 181746 lamp 12v-10w D9004468091 gripper clip 1B000116 knob 006975 washer 5,3x10x0,5 248419 spring plate 642653 right rear turn indicator 6426535 right rear turn indicator 1D000261 halogen lamp 12v-6w 6426525 left rear turn indicator 642652 left rear turn indicator 1D000261 halogen lamp 12v-6w CM017405 spring plate 008372 screw d3,5x13 1D000085 complete license plate light 1D000314 rear licence plate light 292022 lamp 12v-5w 2920225 lamp 12v-5w 008372 screw d3,5x13 CM017405 spring plate 673610000C license plate light cover
Remote control switches - Battery - Horn vespa CM071817 horn B016777 screw w/flange m6x16 584662 battery (yuasa) 12v-6ah 1B003012 battery holder tray 674076 battery clamp CM179302 metric screw m6x22 58115R relay 12v/80a B016777 screw w/flange m6x16
Selectors - Switches - Buttons vespa 1D000630 electric control device sx 674426 lh lo.cover turn indicator 297498 screw CM017410 clip CM178603 self tapping screw d4.2x13 642032 stop button 582988 saddle opening button 1D000676 electric control device dx 674427 rh lo.cover turn indicator
Stater - Electric starter vespa 1D001647 starter motor 1A009964R starter motor B016774 screw w/flange m6x25 9004179059000 nut 880317 electric starter gear B014165 starter motor gear 581309 earth braid 641204 tri/lobed hexagonal self-tapping screw 016406 spring washer 6,4x11,8x1 003056 flat washer 6,4x12x1
Voltage Regulators - Electronic Control Units (ecu) - H.T. Coil vespa 58090R regulator rectifier assembly 58090R5 voltage regulator 414837 screw w/flange m6x25 680069 connectors support bracket 830061 screw w/ flange CM278901 elektronisches steuerger B016777 screw w/flange m6x16 641764 hose clamp 680228 turn indicator control 1D000012 support bracket sensor B016777 screw w/flange m6x16 254485 clip m6 680212 fall sensor 015856 screw m5x21 224664 washer 5,2x15x1,5 680140 spacer 680147 guard 1D001819 helter CM006905 non return spring CM006911 non return spring CM255202 ht coil 872269 screw w/flange m5x8x20 012528 washer 1A000638 h.v. coil support bracket B016774 screw w/flange m6x25 013880 flat washer 16x6,5x1,5 487665 fairlead B018293 spacer 641764 hose clamp 080341 cavo base a.t. 642200 screened cap 642317 device bracket

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Your Vespa Vespa Primavera 150 4T 3V Iget ABS EU well maintained means saving money! We have set up a special page for products that can extend the life of your engine. Products such as brakes, brake discs, air filters and lubricants can be found here! We also have an extensive range of accessories for the Vespa Vespa Primavera 150 4T 3V Iget ABS EU. Do you want to start your upcoming motorcycle ride right? Then take a look at our range of accessories and parts for the maintenance of your motorcycle!

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Take a look at our all our parts for the Vespa Vespa Primavera 150 4T 3V Iget ABS EU 2016. In addition to the original Vespa parts, PartsRepublik has also selected the best maintenance parts for your Vespa Vespa Primavera 150 4T 3V Iget ABS EU 2016. Please note, the image of the model may be wrong. Please let us know if this is the case. All of the items below will fit on the Vespa Vespa Primavera 150 4T 3V Iget ABS EU 2016.

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